Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Delayed to Summer

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Delayed to Summer


Battlefield 2042 is still not what developers or players want it to be, so the multiplayer first season release date has been pushed back to the summer. The Battlefield team says they plan to incorporate player feedback into fixes and changes to the game ahead of the release of the first Battle Pass.

The latest update on the official Battlefield website lays out the general direction the developers hope to focus on in the coming months, although the dates and other details are a bit vague. The next update will include a “refreshed” scoreboard to pull up during games, and player feedback on splitting friendly teams from enemy teams will be incorporated into the updated format – but it’s unclear When is the update expected to be released.

The post also indicated that “all platforms” voice communications were in the works, but didn’t specify whether this would be part of the next update or a later update. A more detailed player profile screen is also in the works, but again, the post doesn’t specify when the feature will roll out.

The rest of this post discusses the creation of a “new feedback loop”, but it’s not about the reward loop in Battlefield 2042 – this section is about the player-developer feedback loop, and how Dice plans to integrate player feedback and response into developing the game The problem.

In fact, the studio is establishing a sort of “public comment” process for major changes to Battlefield 2042, starting with developers listing specific areas of focus and soliciting input from the player community. Once this information is gathered, the studio said it will iterate on its plans and present an updated version of the strategy that takes into account player priorities.

The stalwart exclusive Legendary Bundle, free for all Gold and Ultimate players, will include:

Zero Resistance – Mackay Expert Skin
Grasshopper – K30 Skin
Quick Hammer – M44 Skin
And more 👇

– Battlefield (@Battlefield) February 1, 2022

The first of these areas of focus is map design, which the team says will begin discussions “later this month” before releasing the next game update.

Dice says the start of season one this summer will mark the start date of the four-time Battle Pass annual cycle it promised before release. Since players who bought the Gold and Ultimate Editions are waiting months longer than they expected, Dice is offering them an additional cosmetic pack that includes professional skins, new weapon and vehicle skins, a “rib tickle” melee weapon and a new player card. These bundles will arrive with the next game update this month.

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