Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Goes Live Tomorrow

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Goes Live Tomorrow


Battlefield 2042’s long-awaited update 4.0 arrives tomorrow, April 19, and it makes a ton of changes to EA’s beleaguered FPS game. Topping the list are overhauls to weapon attachments, expert balance, and voice chat for squads and teams, but there are over 400 fixes in the patch notes that go live today.

Update 4.0 overhauls Battlefield 2042’s weapon attachments, with the main goal of making each attachment more punchy and unique. The update also fixes a number of bugs related to weapon attachments, such as the 40mm grenade launcher’s habit of occasionally hitting invisible walls when fired indoors. Adding or removing attachments using the in-game “plus” menu should now always correctly apply the relevant stat changes.

Voice chat is also coming with update 4.0. You can choose from two channels for VoIP chat – Party and Squad, and voice chat settings are available in the Sound/Voice submenu of the options panel. The new scoreboards introduced in Update 3.3 will now also be available at the end of each round.

This update touches almost every element of Battlefield 2042 – it makes balance changes to specialists and vehicles, changes the ribbon for easier unlocking, improves kill assist tracking, and corrects almost every map on the problem. There are also specific updates to the Battlefield Portal and Breakthrough, Danger Zone, Dash and Conquest modes.

The full patch notes contain all the details. EA/DICE says the next major patch is scheduled for release in May.

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