Battlefield 2042's first season delayed to focus on addressing player criticism

Battlefield 2042’s first season delayed to focus on addressing player criticism

Battlefield 2042’s first season delayed to focus on addressing player criticism

Since launch, Battlefield 2042 players have had a lot of grievances with the military FPS, and developer DICE has responded with balance tweaks, bug fixes, and the promise it’s listening.This is the part where all listening becomes listeningdoing: Battlefield 2042’s first season has been postponed from spring to early summer, while the studio has integrated player feedback on the UI, squad dynamics, experts, and content for the upcoming season itself.

In a blog post today, BF2042 senior producer Ryan McArthur said DICE will use the extra months to make “extensive fixes” and add new features. Three of the features coming “as soon as possible” are voice chat, player profiles and a redesigned scoreboard.

The new scoreboard doesn’t look quite the same as the prototype we showed recently, with some players criticizing it for not fully emulating the classic style. DICE plans to split the teams into separate columns for releases in the next update, which will include death tolls and end-of-round reports. In other words, it will return to the previous battlefield.

That’s a common request from most Battlefield 2042 critics: make it more like Battlefield 5.I personally like Battlefield 2042’s 128-player maps, as sparse as they may be, they’ve been accused of being also big, and the addition of the expert role has also been maligned. DICE said each complaint is under review.

The studio’s plan is to tackle one topic at a time, explain what it’s considering changing and why, observe how players react, and then come up with a revised plan (the scoreboard might be a trial run of the process). A team is currently “analysing experts” for possible changes, but the next big topic will be DICE’s plans to address feedback on “openness and lack of cover” in upcoming maps.

Today we’ll be sharing the latest #Battlefield 2042 details, our new player feedback loop, and a status update on Season 1. Learn the full details: 1, 2022

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While the end result may just be tweaks to individual traits and gadgets, changes to experts are being considered in general, which feel like a big deal. Experts certainly aren’t going away. Each of the four planned seasons of Battlefield 2042 will introduce a new Specialist, and that’s still happening – Year 1 starts later than expected.Those with the Year 1 Pass will get some Exclusive Cosmetics Apologies for the delay in the next update.

DICE said it will also be working on gun balance and developing an “improved ping system” and an “improved reward loop when you and your squad complete objectives.” Battlefield Portal, a crafting-your-own-mode tool, will also continue Get updates from Ripple Effect Studios.

We expect to hear more about Battlefield 2042 and the first season delay during EA’s earnings call later today. This is fairly routine news — Battlefield 5’s first major content update has also been delayed — so I don’t think there will be any rants from investment bankers.

Nor am I expecting any sort of free-to-play announcement, which has been the subject of some recent speculative coverage. EA CEO Andrew Wilson did say a few months ago that a Battlefield “free-to-play component” would make sense in the future, but by all accounts, EA is moving forward with the original Battlefield 2042 plans.

EA is ramping up production on Battlefield under the oversight of Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella, who knows a thing or two about free-to-play games, so it’s certainly still possible that Battlefield will launch Warzone and release a standalone free-to-play game – at some point Play spinoffs. Maybe that’s what Ripple is working on, but if it does happen, I wouldn’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

As for Battlefield 2042, you can read DICE’s plans for the first half of 2022 in the first season delay announcement.

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