Battlefield 2042’s new scoreboard arrives Tuesday

Battlefield 2042’s new scoreboard arrives Tuesday


The refreshed scoreboard finally arrives in Battlefield 2042 this week. The 0.3.3 update, which launched in multiplayer on March 8, brings a three-part in-game scoreboard to better display information about the overall state of the game and a breakdown of both teams’ scores.

When you pull up a new scoreboard, you’ll see the Match Overview panel on the left. This shows important up-to-date information about the progress of the game: how many tickets each team has left, the divisions they control, the total number of deaths, and more.

The panel also includes your personal match stats such as kills, assists and deaths, as well as your current ping. The rest of the scoreboard is a side-by-side list of players from both teams, ranked by score. EA says these are the most requested features from players, but notes that this is the “first release” of the new scoreboard and that “this will be further improved in subsequent updates based on your ongoing feedback.”

Update 0.3.3 also includes bug fixes, such as a crash in Origin that could occur if you log in or out with an Xbox One controller, and a bug in Hazard Zone that occasionally prevented the end-of-round XP buff from triggering.

Update 3.3 for #battlefield2042 Going live on all platforms tomorrow, March 8 at 09:00 UTC

This is an update with zero downtime, so once you download it, you’ll be good to jump in and play

Update Instructions:

– Battlefield Direct Communications (@BattlefieldComm) March 7, 2022

EA says the patch will be “zero downtime,” so there won’t be any service interruptions. Just download and install the update and you’ll be back in action.

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