Battlefield 2042’s scoreboard update delayed until March

Battlefield 2042’s scoreboard update delayed until March

The 3.3 update for Battlefield 2042 was slightly delayed as the developers needed some time to make some additional changes to multiplayer. The patch, which will include a planned “refresh” of the in-game scoreboard, was supposed to be released sometime in “mid-to-late February,” but will now arrive in early March.

Meanwhile, the developers rolled out a small patch today (February 3) to address some stability issues that have arisen since update 3.2. Earlier this week, they announced that the first season of Battlefield 2042 would be delayed until summer, and the start of that season would mark the start of a year-round seasonal content update, Dice said.

In January, Dice shared work in progress on the updated scoreboard screen, which includes an at-a-glance view of relevant information such as ribbon progress, overall team scores as well as individual score contributions, individual player performance stats such as kills, assists and weights for each statistic. The plan is to include an updated scoreboard design in Update 3.3, which will now arrive sometime in “early March” according to the updated schedule.

Here is the official announcement:

The next update after today’s hotfix will be available in early March. This is a change from the last message we sent you about its expected version.

The extra time will help ensure we improve the quality of the update and include other changes.

– Battlefield Direct Communications (@BattlefieldComm) February 3, 2022

The first season of Battlefield 2042 will feature a Battle Pass, which adds a host of new items and other content to unlock, and coincides with the launch of the new Battlefield Portal map.

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