Best Minecraft Texture Packs for Java Edition 1.18

Best Minecraft Texture Packs for Java Edition 1.18

Looking for the best Minecraft texture packs for Java Edition? Predictably, Minecraft’s lo-fi charm is the first thing modders “fix”. The ruddy textures, while distinctive, are clearly the target of an upgrade if you stare at them long enough. While Mojang has been gradually changing the aesthetic appeal of Minecraft, especially with the introduction of Minecraft Ray Tracing, texture packs are your best bet if you’re after a specific look.

We’ve included our favorite Minecraft texture packs in one convenient location. There’s nothing too crazy here, as massive visual overhauls are often part of larger Minecraft mods that fundamentally change the game, but that’s a whole other article.

One thing to note is that this list of the best Minecraft texture packs is for the Java Edition of Minecraft, so If you are using a newer Bedrock Edition You may have some issues because they are very different versions of the game.Also worth mentioning are these Minecraft texture packs will Use the PC Game Pass version – just make sure the Java version is selected in the new PC launcher. Below is a selection of texture packs that give Minecraft different visual styles, from hyperreal to cartoony to sci-fi and subtle makeovers.

How to Install Minecraft Texture Packs in 1.18

Not sure how to download and install one of these new texture packs? Don’t worry, we can help you. In the years since Minecraft was first released, it has become easier to install Minecraft texture packs and get them running with minimal hassle.

Here’s how to download and install texture packs for Minecraft:

  • Download the texture pack you want
  • Start the Minecraft launcher
  • Make sure you choose the latest stable Minecraft Java version (not one of the Minecraft beta versions, called “snapshots”)
  • Click to play minecraft
  • Select “Options” from the main menu
  • Then navigate to the Resource Bundles section
  • Now click “Open Package Folder”
  • Put the newly downloaded texture pack in the folder. It will work in a zip file or unzip.
  • Select them by dragging them into the column on the right
  • Rearrange your addon packages to load in the correct order, then click “Done”

Note that not all texture packs will work with the latest Minecraft Java Edition builds, so please check the download page for the latest supported versions. If you want to use some of the best packs, then you’ll need to restore your Minecraft version to a previous version, which you can easily do through the launcher. We tend to keep several older Minecraft versions for heavily modded games.

Also, some of these texture packs require Optifine to work, so we recommend getting the latest version before testing the shiny new packs below.

The best Minecraft texture packs in 1.18

OK, it’s out of the way now. Let’s start with something big and bright. We will change the world, or at least your world.

The best Minecraft resource packs for 2022 are:

  • myth
  • quadrilateral
  • credible
  • anemia
  • good vibes
  • john smith estate
  • Anastas Bestrina
  • Gicluse
  • Sapixcraft
  • jolly craft
  • bloom, bright and retro
  • Retro NES
  • epic adventure

no myth

with myth< >


There are some packs in the wild that offer darker or grittier themes, but Mythic made it 11 with some incredible dark fantasy vibes. It might not be obvious from the vista above, as Mythic’s main changes focus on the NPC mobs and animals you might encounter along the way, but this pack is perfect for those looking to embrace the harsh darkness of Minecraft.

no quadrilateral

with quadrilateral < >


Quadral is a bright, vibrant texture pack that doesn’t stray far from the default Minecraft aesthetic, with simple and attractive textures to give your world a whole new look. It has a softer and softer look than the vanilla textures, and it has a similar resolution to native Minecraft at 16×16, so it’s a great replacement for your next survival mode adventure. It also has an add-on pack for the ‘Biomes O’Plenty’ Minecraft mod, so you can explore modded biomes in the same Quadral style.

no faithful

with the faithful< >


You’d be forgiven if you thought there was absolutely no difference between these screenshots – but look closer and you’ll see more detail on each cube. This is because Faithful is a 32×32 version of the default Minecraft texture pack, so its resolution is doubled – you’ll notice that the bricks look rounder, the trees are fuller, and the grass is more lush. Even the egg we were inexplicably holding looked… more eggy.

no anemia

suffer from anemia < >


Installing Anemoia is like stepping into a psychedelic fantasy world. Anemoia’s vivid textures are bold and cartoony, yet soothing – cool shades of blue, purple and green are everywhere, as if your entire map is underwater. This pack is of course surreal, with dyeable dogs and friendly alien villagers.

no good atmosphere

have a good atmosphere< >

good vibes

As you might imagine, Good Vibes turns your Minecraft world into a cute wonderland with a bright, cheerful color palette and some cute little animal skins. It’s a gentle, good-feeling bag with a smooth texture – perfect for building your next cozy abode and kicking your legs by the fireplace – see our Minecraft house guide for inspiration.

no john smith legacy

Legacy with John Smith < >

john smith estate

Looking for something more rustic and medieval? John Smith Legacy is the perfect combination for building your next medieval Minecraft castle. This version is fully in sync with Minecraft 1.18.1, and there’s even a Bedrock Edition for those who wish to play that version of the game.

The package is now maintained by others who have created their own derivative version called the JimStoneCraft version. It uses smoother textures and is the version for personal use by the pack owner, but rightly they kept the old version to make it popular.

no annahstas beastrinia

with annahstas beastrinia < >

Anastas Bestrina

Annahstas Beastrinia is a Minecraft resource pack designed to recreate the Minecraft Pokémon/Pixelmon aesthetic. Thanks to its 32x resolution, its textures are more detailed, and its color palette is muted, focusing on less saturated colors. There are even Poke Balls in each bookcase.

no jicklus

with jicklus < >


Jicklus’ pack isn’t too different from Minecraft’s default look — it makes everything look warmer, like a touch of rustic tan — and there’s an elegant shortcut bar, as well as a variety of mob skins. Check out the adorable Highland Cow above. How can you not love that furry face? It’s perfect for fantasy or RPG style maps, or just building a relaxing Minecraft farm with slightly different livestock.

no sapixcraft

with sapixcraft < >


Sapixcraft is a bright, eye-catching Minecraft resource pack that comes in a variety of resolutions – we chose 32x, but you can get up to 512x through their website. The packaging is clean and vibrant and blocks can be easily distinguished. There’s even a Christmas add-on for the holiday season.

no jolicraft

with jolicraft < >

jolly craft

Jolicraft has been a fan-favorite texture pack for Minecraft for years, and it’s easy to see why – “whimsical texture packs” are so captivating. Many Minecraft texture packs have a theme they try to identify, but Joli’s theme is about personal expression. It’s a fantasy world that best reflects his own happy demeanor: the spinning sun is definitely more pleasing than the default squat. Jolicraft feels like a walk along the beach on a warm summer day.

Not blooming, bright and retro

with bloom, bright and retro< >

bloom, bright and retro

Put a splash of color on your Minecraft world – Bloom, Bright and Retro is an eye-catching resource pack that turns your textures into 11 high-contrast old-school Nintendo styles. There’s also a plugin that lets you use Zelda’s Master Sword so you can save the realm like your natural hero.

no retro

with retro < >

Retro NES

With this Minecraft texture pack, we’re going a step further – RetroNES is one of the coolest resource packs around, with a well-crafted vintage color palette and chunky black outlines. The original artist stopped working on it a while ago, but thankfully it was recently revived and updated in version 1.16 – although you’ll have to stick with 1.8 if you want retro sound packs to work with it Version.

no epic adventure

epic adventure< >

epic adventure

If you’re looking for something more authentic, but still retain the typical Minecraft vibe, Epic Adventures is right up your cobblestone alley. Its 32x resolution means it has double the detail – and we must say, that’s some really nice bark. Not to mention the glorious moon. However, the real star of the show is that extra fluffy tree.

There you go, the best texture pack for Minecraft. Whether you’re looking for a pack that turns your Minecraft world into a cartoon, or one that makes it look more like the real world, you should find what you’re looking for here.

Of course, to complete the overhaul, we recommend equipping yourself with shiny new skins – see our guide to the best Minecraft skins. Not sure what to build next? Read our Minecraft Ideas Guide for some inspiration.

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