best vampire survivor characters

best vampire survivor characters

Wondering who is the best vampire survivor character?When you first start this roguelike game, you only have Antonio the whip-wielding vampire hunter available, but by meeting certain requirements you can unlock more vampire survivor characters, weapons and items to use on each run

Some vampire survivor character Better than others, depending on their starting gear or permanent bonus; with the right build, there’s a greater chance of finishing the run, especially if you use vampire survivor weapon evolution to combine items to achieve their more powerful forms .

Almost every update adds a new vampire survivor character to the roster, so to help you get the best possible start to victory, we’ve picked some of the characters we think are the best. For each, we’ll discuss their buffs and debuffs, starting weapons, and which Arcana you can choose to amplify the best build for that character.

The best vampire survivor characters are:

  • Imelda Belpass
  • Polacho
  • Domario
  • Pugnala Provola

Imelda Belpass

Of all the heroes you can play with at the start, Imelda is the easiest vampire survivor character to play. Her starting weapon is the wand, which always strikes the nearest enemy. She also has a static buff that increases the XP she gains from picking up crystals. Every fifth level, you level up this passive ability for up to 30% extra experience per crystal.

The other characters you unlock later do surpass her. However, after unlocking Randomazzo and all Arcanas, you may want to start your run by selecting XI – Waltz of Pearls. This allows the wand’s projectile and its upgraded form – the Holy Wand – to bounce up to three times before dissipating.


He probably has less health than almost every other vampire survivor character, and his increased permanent item pickup radius isn’t all that helpful, but he makes up for it with his starting weapon: garlic. This weapon gives him a shield that can damage any enemy that gets too close.

In the first few levels, Garlic prevents weak enemies from hurting him, but to really get the most out of him, you’ll need to upgrade it to Soul Eater for health. If you pick up the King’s Bible and upgrade it to the Wicked Vespers, you’ll have nearly insurmountable obstacles throughout the game. With the right build, you can run standing in place for the entire 30 minutes. The only real downside is that the only Arcana he can benefit from is VI – Sarabande of Healing, and only if he gets the Soul Eater Weapon Evolution.


He may be the slowest vampire survivor character in the game, but Domario is another powerful character worth considering. He starts with the King’s Bible, an AoE weapon that wraps around you. Each time you upgrade this item, you either get more books around Dommario, books deal more damage, or reduce the cooldown of the weapon. If you get the replicator item, you can also get more books, and if you get the Candelabrador, the range of effect of this weapon increases.

The Wicked Vespers weapon evolution does not benefit from the 40% bonus duration and weapon speed that Domario gets from his passive abilities. However, other powerful AoE weapons (such as the Phieraggi Weapon Evolution) will benefit as they last longer on screen without disappearing.

Pugnala Provola

You unlock Pugnala relatively late in the game, but it’s well worth it because she’s probably the best vampire survivor character. Not only does she gain +1% power at every level, but she starts running with both Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight Sparrows in her weapon slot, allowing her dual pistols to take down enemies. You just need to find Tiragis to upgrade both guns into a powerful Phieraggi weapon evolution.

Phieraggi is the perfect combination with the Arcana upgrade: IV – Sober. This Arcana gives you three additional resurrections, and the Pieraggi’s power is proportional to the number of resurrections you currently have. You can further increase the damage output by upgrading the Tiragisú to the highest level and purchasing the Revival Vampire Survivors power-up. Pugnala has no obvious downsides and is our top pick.

These are the best vampire survivor characters. In addition to the above, there are some hidden characters that can only be accessed by entering Vampire Survivor cheats or running the game with a cheat engine. However, they are not the best characters on the list. Once you’ve unlocked everything in the game, you’ll be waiting for the next update to the game. If so, there are plenty of other indie games to whet your appetite.

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