Block Quake mod turns FPS into a Lego game

Block Quake mod turns FPS into a Lego game


There’s a new Quake mod that basically turns a classic FPS game into a Lego game, and it works perfectly with the recent remake. Now available, Block Quake changes the game by transforming all enemies, items and weapons with LEGO skins.

The Block Quake mod is the latest from modder Kebby_Quake, whose previous project turned Quake’s weapons into the game’s 25th birthday present. While Kebby can’t legally use the word “Lego”, the inspiration for these “familiar plastic building blocks” is obvious.

You can get Block Quake and some simple installation instructions here. For Quake remastered on Steam, you can simply rename the mod file and put it in one of the game folders, then turn off “Enhanced Character Models” in the game menu. Hey, soon, all of Quake’s iconic enemies, weapons, and items will now have LEGO-style makeovers — including proper animations. Dogs are the best in my opinion because they don’t have any opposing parts of their body, so they just jump around.

Kebby_Quake doesn’t just stop at models either. They plan to turn Quake into the ultimate Lego-like FPS, complete with new sound effects, a HUD, and remove any mature content to make it more “age-appropriate”. They also want to add the original Blocky map and even “eventually” have the Block Quake community map jam.

Will Block Quake make our list of the 100 best mods on PC? When it’s done, it’ll probably do just fine.

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