Co-op Minecraft speedrun breaks record in two minutes

Co-op Minecraft speedrun breaks record in two minutes

Minecraft speedrunning is a world full of rules and chaos, whether you’re recording solo or co-op. The general point is to try to mine the sandbox game as quickly as possible, while abiding by the rules of whatever category you want. There are a lot of different ones, but all of them let you embody the spirit of Sonic the Hedgehog: Hurry up.

YouTuber M8use and a team of other players pulled together to conquer the game in less than two minutes without a hitch, and the entire video is now on video. The video is over 7 minutes long, but the first 5 minutes are explanations of the run itself, starting at 5:10. As M8use explains, this run is built for a specific Minecraft seed on the game’s Bedrock Edition.

The video shows the views of four of the five players in split screen. Each of them has a different role to fulfill, which is an exciting thing. If you want the full experience, it might be worth picking a side and watching that. Watching Minecraft get done in under two minutes, no matter how many people are involved, is very strange to watch.

The Minecraft section of is distributed in a lot of category, which became a new world record – and it’s a mouthful – for any percentage of collaborations with no trouble setting torrents 1.16.100+ categories. The second-best runtime in this category is over four minutes, and it’s worth noting that only a few categories have runtimes under two minutes.

In not-so-crazy news, the latest Minecraft snapshot is very focused on music, for which we are forever grateful.

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