cringe in front of the slave-driven Delin Empire of Galactic Civilization IV

cringe in front of the slave-driven Delin Empire of Galactic Civilization IV

If, in the game of Galactic Civilizations IV, you find yourself thinking about the plight of the galaxy and wondering “how did it come to be like this?” you should know the answer is: Drengin (probably).although they may not be Every Unfortunately (and the Drasians must have tried their best), the Drins are the reason slavery still exists in the galaxy, and the reason we now have two Terran factions.

Looking further back into the timeline of Galactic Civilizations III, Drengin is even the reason why the Dread Lords (the ultimate bad guy of the scene) returned and nearly conquered the galaxy. Opponents of Galactic Civilizations IV were unlocked in past updates, but now that the space strategy game is in beta, we thought it was the right time to take a more thorough look at evil.

If you haven’t seen them for yourself, don’t forget that you can pre-order the game now to get immediate access to the current version. Like the Alsian Republic, the Drin are one of the oldest races in the galaxy and have built a reputation based on brutality and conquest.

Drengin will not conquer and enslave any species, nor sink into the abyss of depravity in order to keep the population stable.Unsurprisingly, their default civilization traits include a high intimidation factor and low cuteness, which makes diplomacy with the Drinkins challengingto say the least.

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Similar to Xeloxi, Drengin’s special affinity for enslavement allows them to construct unique buildings and employ policies that other factions cannot access. Prison Labor Caps Increase manufacturing based on prison occupancy per planet, and the Drinkins can enact forced colonization and slave labor policies to make the most of the rest of the population—whether those people like it or not.

The world of Drengin is often plagued with issues of dissatisfaction and recognition, which means staggering efforts to control the Empire’s citizens—especially slaves. Ordinary Drenkin citizens, though, are a strong group of people with high resistance and a special affinity for being soldiers.

They also don’t mind that their planet is undefended, because they feel they are perfectly capable of protecting themselves. Speaking of planets, the Drengin home in Drengi perfectly embodies its people’s love of conquest. A few Wealth Boost tiles scattered with other bonuses break the sea of ​​more traditional crafting and production boost tiles. Their starting artifact also allows them to spawn space monsters, which can prove to be a key strategic distraction if deployed properly.

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Drengin’s impressive range of command ships will further aid your military activities:

  • Road to Luin – A small fighter that does not require any logistical support, with great flexibility.
  • anvil – Small boats with beam attack, with the increase of level, the attack power will be stronger and stronger.
  • Iron Fist – This small ship is moderately weaponized, but it also increases the manufacturing of the world it is in by 20%.
  • indomitable will – Gain +1 control for each battle won and provide point defense support for any fleet in its area of ​​effect.
  • whip – A powerful missile attack ship that fully heals itself after every battle.
  • sky fire – A powerful large warship that increases the kinetic attack of its entire fleet and increases the manufacturing capacity of any world it is stationed on by 30%.
  • Heart of Conquest – Drengin’s flagship, which increases the beam attack of its entire fleet by 30% and increases the recognition of any world it is stationed on by 10%.

Drengin will make the galaxy follow in one way or another, and it’s perfect for when you’re looking to scratch that “pure evil” itch on the alignment matrix. They still have to defeat Joel, and maybe Festron, to become masters of the universe, but they have the will and the financial foundation to do so. Just make sure your empire doesn’t fall into civil unrest without you noticing.

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