Dead by Daylight’s Sadako is too scary for some players

Dead by Daylight’s Sadako is too scary for some players

The just-announced Dead By Daylight x The Ring crossover DLC, Sadako Rising, isn’t out until March 8, but early access players are finding that linking one of the best horror games to one of the scariest horror franchises The bad side of getting up is always – because a special jump scare surprises a lot of people.

It was revealed this week that the multiplayer Dead by Daylight’s next big horror film collaboration is The Ring/Rindale, which will introduce the game’s new survivor, Yoichi Asakawa, as well as the film’s iconic Rapunzel, Sadako.

The Sadako Rising DLC​​ officially launches on March 8, but many streamers have already gained access – and they find Sadako a bit too scary, especially in terms of jump scares that the game itself doesn’t have (thanks, Eurogamer). When choosing killers in the lobby, characters usually stand patiently aside while players choose their Perks. However, Sadako will choose a random moment to scare the player.

The streamers have been posting their reactions to the moment online, and many don’t realize it – which is understandable since no other killer in Dead by Daylight behaves like this.

It’s funny, but I’m uninstalling dbd right now 🙃 #DeadbyDaylight #dbd

— Actress 💜💫 (@DieHardDivaTV) February 16, 2022

Back to your well 😭😭😭

— Eevoh (@Eevohhh) February 16, 2022

Some players even asked the developer Behavior if it was possible to turn off the jump fear, because it was so scary.

Can you provide an option to disable this jump panic?It makes me really scared to play her/do things in her menu like changing perks/upgrades, I really want to be able to enjoy her without any worries

— Zoideka (@Zoideka) February 16, 2022

Dead By Daylight is still a hugely popular game, and many players expect it to run on the Steam platform without any issues — although Behavior says it “cannot guarantee” that the game will.

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