Don’t expect lingering in Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashed

Don’t expect lingering in Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashed

If fans want to see Ghostbusters: Unleashed Souls keep Puft’s battles or any of their alternate modes against giant ghosts or god-like entities, they shouldn’t get their hopes up. Developer Illfonic is “focusing on day-to-day Ghostbusters” with the new Ghostbusters multiplayer, so there’s only one mode at the moment – which might not be a bad thing.

All Ghostbusters movies end with what is essentially a giant boss fight—often, very real. The original film’s lingering Marshmallow Man is best known, and the 2016 reboot ended with a battle with the team’s own logo kaiju version. Ghostbusters: The Video Game includes multiple battles with minor gods — including a stay at Puft — but Ghostbusters: Souls Unleashed doesn’t, and won’t have any mode other than the main 4v1.

“You need to build an asymmetrical game from scratch with a pattern,” IllFonic’s CCO Jared Gerritzen told PCGamesN. “To really achieve that balance, you need to focus on one element. We’ve played with other modes, trying to add other variations, and it’s crazy.”

“We really wanted to be the purest of the Ghostbusters franchise,” explains Gerritzen. “When we started making the game, it was all about that kind of hotel experience in the OG movies, where there’s cat and mouse and you focus on that ghost… There’s a ghost that’s easy to hunt down, but they have a lot to get you out of The ability of that kind of ability, if there are multiple ghosts, that feels really weird.”

As for Stay Puft or other big fights, Gerritzen told us that Illfonic’s team wanted to basically focus on “their highlights were just ghost wrecking” — which happened in the middle of the first two films — rather than at the end. “It takes time and engineering to make the Stay Puft experience as good as I think we need to do it, I just think you might do it five or six times and you’ll like it, which is cool – but I want to go back To those replayable things that I can do hundreds of times.”

“It’s a matter of time and energy balance,” adds Gerritzen, “so we’re really focused on the day-to-day Ghostbusters instead of fighting a major deity every 20+ years.”

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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is a PC-exclusive game for the Epic Games Store and will launch in Q4 2022.

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