Doom Eternal’s BFG is now an Nvidia RTX 3080 gaming PC

Doom Eternal’s BFG is now an Nvidia RTX 3080 gaming PC


The BFG from the Doom series is one of the most iconic weapons in the game, but thanks to custom builds by modders, the acronym now stands for “Fuck Big Gaming PC.” That’s right, Mark Celica of Mark’s Fabrication has created a ridiculous rig inspired by Doom Eternal, complete with a locked and loaded Nvidia RTX 3080.

In a recent episode of Nvidia’s GeForce Garage, Celica showed off his carefully crafted BFG PC while offering some insights into the build. The modder revealed that he added his own elements to the design of the gun, which he described as having a “rich and curvy sci-fi style”. While the rig won’t help you traverse the inhabitants of hell, it has a massive shell on a turret-like base, and it’s also equipped with laser lighting effects.

As for the cannon’s components, BFG built an Intel i7 10700K CPU, 16GB of Zadak memory, and an ASRock Z490 gaming motherboard. Its RTX 3080 GPU is mounted on the barrel, and the card’s fan simulates sinister charging.

As you might expect, the BFG PC is a power-hungry monster, as it uses a powerful 1,000W Cooler Master power supply. Like the best gaming PCs out there, this version also uses a Cooler Master AIO cooler to keep the temperature of the gun down. Thankfully, this thing doesn’t actually punch a hole in the side of Mars, which means you’ll just have to worry about boosting its fps.

Mark Celica’s unique gear probably won’t be sold out, and who can blame him? This is probably one of the coolest custom gaming PCs out there, not to mention that it’s putting away one of the best graphics cards. Still, this menacing machine is sure to inspire others to create similar projects, even if the ongoing shortage makes finding a GPU more difficult than the build itself.

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