Dying Light 2 NG+ arrives this week, new infections

Dying Light 2 NG+ arrives this week, new infections

Last month, Techland appeared to be really “considering” a New Game Plus mode for its new open-world game Dying Light 2: NG+ mode launches this week, giving players the option of a second, more challenging run of Villedor. Techland says it adds many new challenges and rewards to NG+, and while you can keep your unlocked gear and character boosts in the first game, you’ll have to re-collect the Nightcrawler tools.

Nightrunner tools include gadgets like Aiden’s binoculars, paraglider, and UV flashlight. You need to collect these again during the NG+ run, simply because the campaign is built around Aiden getting them at specific times. Beyond that, however, you’ll keep the progress you’ve made and the gear you’ve collected. That’s good, because NG+ runs are going to get tougher — and there’s an option to take on bigger challenges.

Infected enemies will expand to Aiden’s character level, but Techland says NG+ also offers special “golden marker” encounters that offer even greater challenges. You’ll also need to deal with new infected with unique attacks, and you’ll find that special infected spawn more frequently.

Techland discusses the New Game Plus in the video below.

Techland says these new encounters will offer new “legendary” tier gear, as well as other valuable items. The studio has also added new Platinum-level medals to parkour challenges, as players have been observed earning gold medals too often. Platinum medals are based on the best times posted by the player community.

The release date for Dying Light 2 New Game Plus is set for April 27. It will come with Update 3, which fixes more instances of some horrific death loop bugs, as well as other bug fixes and quality improvements.

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