EA removes Russian teams from FIFA and NHL

EA removes Russian teams from FIFA and NHL

FIFA, UEFA and the International Ice Federation have banned Russian teams from their respective leagues as Russia continues to invade Ukraine. Led by the organization it represents in the game, EA has announced that the Russian team will soon be removed from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile, FIFA Online and NHL 22.

“EA Sports stands with the Ukrainian people and, like many voices in football, calls for peace and an end to the invasion of Ukraine,” EA said on FIFA’s official Twitter account. “According to our partners in FIFA and UEFA, EA Sports has initiated the process of removing the Russian national team and all Russian clubs from the EA Sports FIFA product.”

Soon after, a Tweet from EA Sports NHL account Confirmed “After the IIHF suspends all Russian and Belarusian national and club teams from IIHF competition, we will be removing these teams from NHL 22 in the coming weeks.” While EA’s NHL games are naturally focused on North American teams, But the IIHF team was added in the December update.

Meanwhile, a senior Ukrainian official called on “all game development companies” to stop Russian players, hoping to “inspire Russian citizens to actively stop the shameful military aggression.”

Statement from EA SPORTS FIFA:


If you want to support Ukraine yourself, you can donate to UNICEF, Médecins Sans Frontières and Children’s Voice through these links.

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