Elden Ring Tower Location: How to Awaken the Great Rune

Elden Ring Tower Location: How to Awaken the Great Rune

So do you want to know the location of the Great Rune and the Tower of the Ring of Eldon? These powerful items are dropped by the main Elden Ring bosses (also known as demigods) after you defeat them. They provide nice buffs for the player, but they are also relevant to the main story, as you need a minimum number to access the final area of ​​the RPG game.

Specifically, you need to collect two big runes and wake up at least one before you can get to the endgame. Awakening the Great Rune allows you to equip it and use the Rune Arc to gain its powers, but in order to do that, you’ll need to find the Rune’s Holy Tower – a special location unique to each Great Rune , which can be found in the area where the runes come from. Six demigods means six runes, so you’ll need to look for six towers.

We’ve compiled a guide on everything we know about the Great Runes – what they do, the location of their hallowed towers, and any other advice we can offer to help you get to the end of the towers.

Elden Ring Great Runes – Bosses and Effects

Here are the effects of each Elden Ring Great Rune:

Great Rune boss big rune effect
Godric’s Great Rune grafted godric Raise all attributes
Laden’s Great Rune Star Calamity Radarn Increases Max Health, FP Energy and Stamina
Morgot’s Great Rune Morgot, King of Omens Increase max health
Reckard’s Great Rune Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy Regenerate health after defeating an enemy
Rune of Moher Blood King Mog Give the Phantom the Blessing of Blood
Great Rune of Marinia Malenia, Mikaela’s Blade Attack to restore health

How to use Elden Ring Great Runes

Assuming you’ve defeated a big boss, took their great rune, and then restored its power, you can equip it on any grace site menu (and only through this menu). You can only equip one at a time.

for real use A large rune ability, you need to consume a rune arc, which will give you the effect of the large rune you have equipped. This effect lasts until you die. After death, you need to consume another rune arc to restore the effect.

Rune arcs are uncommon, but you can find them in a few places. For example, they are rare drops from Rats. You can also earn them by participating in Elden Ring multiplayer games, such as when you help defeat bosses as a summoner. There are also some merchants who sell them. For a complete list of rune arc locations, check out the Elden Ring wiki.

There is a seventh known rune classified as the Great Rune – the Great Rune of the Unborn. You can get this by defeating the Full Moon Queen Rennala. This rune does not require power-ups and cannot be equipped like other runes. Instead, its buffs are passive and instant – it unlocks the “Respawn” feature in Reya Lucaria’s Great Library. This basically allows you to respect your character, although you’ll need a larval tear as well.

Elden Ring location and walkthrough

Godric’s Great Rune

This large rune shrine, called the Tomb Shrine, is located at the top of the area near the border of Longbaro.You can’t access it through the open world; instead, you need to return to Stormshroud Castle, where you defeated Godric

You have to go back to the traditional dungeon itself, defeat the lion guard, and then go through the gate it protects (roughly northeast) that leads to a bridge. There, you must defeat three guardian golems, one of which fires a huge arrow at you. If you survive, you’ll come to a Broken Bridge section, and a teleporter will allow you to bypass the rest of the Broken Bridge section and send you to the entrance to the tower.

Laden’s Great Rune

Great Rune’s Divine Tower in Radahn, Caelid’s Divine Tower, in Dragonbarrow, northeast of Deep Siofra Well. The tower requires some careful navigation as you make your way down the side of the tower through tree roots, ledges, and ladders. A godskin apostle also guards the basement.

Morgot’s Great Rune

The Great Rune Tower of Mogot is the tower of Eastern Artus. The route to this tower is close to where you defeated Morgott. You are looking to access a long wall in the suburban area of ​​the capital, which you can access from the east of Lanedale in the Royal Capital Region.

Note that in order to enter Leyndell first, you need to find and awaken two large runes. Specific instructions are provided in Dead Zpikes’ YouTube video.

Rune of Moher

The Great Rune Pagoda of Moher, and the Pagoda of Eastern Artus. Instructions on how to get there are above, but it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to enter the route to the tower until you defeat Morgott, so you’ll need to defeat that demigod first.

Reckard’s Great Rune

The Great Rune Pagoda of Reckard is the Pagoda of Siartus. There is a sealed tunnel outside the Lower West Entrance of the Royal Capital Territory Lanedale, south of the Altus Plateau and northeast of Little Odetre Church. The tunnel is guarded by the Onyx Lord boss.

Great Rune of Marinia

The Great Rune God Tower in Marinia is called the Tower of the Lone God, so called because – when you see it on the Elden Ring map – it’s just above Lombalo but below the top of the Giant’s Mountain the middle of the ocean.

To gain access, you’ll need to head to the center of the Royal Capital Region, Ryndell, and look for a site of Grace known as the Walls of the Western Capital. From there, look for a teleporter that will send you to the bottom of the tower. Specific instructions are provided in Dead Zpikes’ YouTube video.

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That’s all we know about how to find and use the Great Runes in the Elden Ring. For more tips, check out our guide to the best Elden Ring weapons, the best Elden Ring quests, and everything you need to know about the Elden Ring amulet.

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