Fanatic "stand with ukraine" Bundle of 50+ games for just $15

Fanatic "stand with ukraine" Bundle of 50+ games for just $15

Fanatic "stand with ukraine" Bundle of 50+ games for just $15

Fanatical has launched its own charity bundle to support rescue efforts in Ukraine, following similar bundles from Itch and Humble. The Fanatical Stand With Ukraine Charity Bundle includes 57 games and a DLC, with a suggested donation of $15. All proceeds go to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

The bundle has over $700 worth of games, and while a $15 donation is recommended to receive the bundle, you can always pay more. For this price, you’ll get Steam keys for Gang Beasts, Among Us, Nuclear Throne, Hidden Folks, The Falconer, and more.

“Like you, as the violent Russian invasion of Ukraine has unfolded, we at Fanatical see increasing fear, suspicion and frustration,” Fanatical’s bundled description reads. “War has left innocent people homeless, orphaned, and created an urgent need for food, water, shelter and medical assistance. So when our colleagues in the gaming industry contacted us for a fundraiser for Ukraine, it was easiest the decisions we have to make.”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has inspired many actions by game studios, including some developers pulling out of Russia and starting their own private rescue efforts. At the same time, sanctions from the United States and the international community have had a severe impact on the Russian economy. A big bundle offered charitable relief, followed shortly after by a Humble Bundle. The Itch bundle has expired, but as of this writing, the Humble bundle is good for another day.

For more information on the Ukraine crisis, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can help by donating directly to charities.

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