Fortnite Light Turret is the latest fundraiser winner

Fortnite Light Turret is the latest fundraiser winner

Fortnite Funding Stations allow players to spend their gold bars to decide which items should return to the battle royale game, such as weapons that appear around the map. The previous vote gave the MK-7 a landslide victory over the Combat AR, and the latest vote saw the light turret beat the heavy turret in equally overwhelming fashion.

A few weeks ago, we actually saw these two battle it out at Sanctuary, but that time the heavy turret won. This time around, though, the light turret has triumphed and will soon appear near the Daily Clarion. When it’s added to the map, you’ll be able to hop on this anti-personnel weapon and use it to take out enemy players or roaming enemy NPCs.

That’s not the only change that’s happened, though. With yesterday’s item update and downed airships becoming daily rubble, the battle for Condo Canyon has begun. Like last week’s battle between the Resistance and IO on the Daily Bugle, this has players having to fend off waves of enemies to grab loot and help the cause. Huntmaster Saber is also above the area, still teleporting around and is a common trouble.

This Fortnite season feels like it’s moving at breakneck speed, and between battles, airship landings, and voting, it feels like the community has more real-time influence on what’s going on than ever before. All we need to do now is wait for the Battle of Condo Canyon to end, and we’ll likely see the airship on it drop as well. Hopefully this one will land somewhere more exciting than the sea.

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