Fortnite tower defence map takes the game back to its roots

Fortnite tower defence map takes the game back to its roots

Fortnite was originally released as a tower defence game of sorts, where you have to save the world from the oncoming hordes of monsters by building traps to slow them down, and using weapons and teamwork to take them out. It’s a far cry from the version of the game that the vast majority of us play now, because it was all about the PvE experience, not the battle royale game that would be added in later.

Well, one Redditor has taken it upon themselves to recreate that old-school experience in a new way, and has made their own tower defence map which you can play using the code 3696-2978-8063. A user on Reddit called DragonRage508 made the map, and the trailer for it looks great. The map casts you as a monarch trying to protect their castle when, surprise, zombies decide to invade.

You can fight back by not only shooting at them yourself, but also by purchasing knights to help you out. These knights have guns, and you can upgrade them as you go to make sure they can protect your castle. It’s a really cool take on tower defence, and it’s very well thought out. Along with upgrading your sentries, you can place traps and blockades to slow the monsters down, and you can recycle things you don’t want as well.

Better still, there are a couple of things that are still under construction, which suggests that DragonRage508 is going to be working on it for a while to come. This means that the mode is likely going to keep getting better, and it could be that if you’re playing it a lot, then you could see it grow in the same way an early access game does. It’s hard not to love the Fortnite creative mode, isn’t it?

TOWER DEFENSE IS HERE! Code: 3696-2978-8063 from FortniteCreative

Outside of the creative modes, you might be keen to find out more about the best Fortnite skins from this season. There’s also been a fair few changes around the map recently, and the Daily Bugle will be getting a Light Turret soon to boot.

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