Galactic Civilizations IV goes into high gear with big beta update

Galactic Civilizations IV goes into high gear with big beta update

Galactic Civilizations IV, one of the most anticipated strategy games of the year, is about to hit a major milestone on the road to release. This month’s update will bring Stardock’s sci-fi sequel into beta by unlocking all available civilizations and adding a new one: the Terran Resistance.

Throughout the beta period, we’ll see more features and refinements as we build out the ultimate form of 4X gaming. Remember, if you pre-order Galactic Civilizations IV through the Epic Games Store, you can participate now, which will give you instant access to the pre-release version. The beta update will be released on Thursday, but you can see how it’s improved with past coverage of major alpha milestones.

We’ve highlighted how exciting this new chapter in the Galactic Civilization saga is, but now that we’ve reached such an important stage, it seems like a good time to revisit some of the most exciting things the game has to offer.

This isn’t the highest-rated (and best-selling) space strategy series of all time, and that winning formula is sure to be in its fourth iteration.

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power to the people

Galactic Civilizations IV puts the citizens of your empire in the spotlight like never before. The population of your planet is now represented by the number of civic units that exist, each with their own characteristics and ideology. Your initial group of citizens is basically a homogeneous group, but as your empire expands over time, your citizens will develop different traits and beliefs. Through selection or conquest, members of other species may even come to live within your borders.

Citizens can also be trained into specialized roles that provide benefits for specific stats and help you make your planet as productive as possible. Are Farmers Falling Down in the Garbage Pile – Metaphorically or Literally? Train some entertainers to lift their spirits. Need to fend off some pesky intruders? A strong soldier core will help with this. Certain species are good at certain roles; if you want to advance your research, invite some navigators to live in your empire and train them to be researchers.

Citizens are not the only physical manifestation of your empire from one social class to another. The best and brightest leaders from your field can also be hired as governors, ministers, and even captains of the new and unique ships that each civilization now has. Leaders are another brand new feature that can give you a decisive advantage over your enemies – as long as you can keep them loyal.

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Planet 4.0

The characters of the planets have been overhauled and improved to reflect the reality of Galactic Civilization IV Milky Way Scale, galaxies are now divided into sectors that your empire spans.

The value of a planet is determined by five main factors: wealth, minerals, technology, influence and agriculture. A planet can also offer other specific rewards – such as promoting tourism or military power – but the main four determine how much funding, production, research and food your civilization will receive from the planet.

assimilation: beware you of galactic civilization IV

Each planet has its own hexagonal map to place buildings, the dimensions of which are defined by planetary characteristics such as size and type. By researching to unlock new buildings, you’ll be able to fine-tune your planets so they make efficient use of your empire’s resources.

The number of planets you need to control is also reduced, with planets divided into “core worlds” and “colonies”. You no longer have to manage a dozen asteroids that only provide token resources. By assigning rulers to key worlds with lots of resources, you can turn them into core worlds.

Non-Self-Governing Colonies do not need to place buildings on them and contribute their base resources to the nearest core world. This cuts down on a lot of management bloat for long-running games, where you can have dozens of planets to focus on individually.

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go boldly

Galactic Civilizations IV will immerse you in the universe like never before. Not only do you have to explore and expand in true 4x gameplay, you also have to deal with quests and big events. Missions can be triggered in various ways, such as discovering something in an anomaly, encountering a new civilization, or reaching some hidden milestone.

Keep track of all quests via a log; this system is very flexible, with dynamic tags, which will give modders a lot of potential to add their own content after release.

However, it’s not just dynamic events. Galactic achievements are a more prominent version of the mission concept, offering high-stakes targets to target in the mid to late game. Whenever you’re ready, you can trigger these missions that represent major crises that will affect the entire galaxy. If you stand out from the other side, that’s really an achievement.

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go nearby

We’ve already discussed some of the new civilizations in Galactic Civilization IV, such as The Xeloxi and Festron. It’s worth mentioning that there are six brand new civilizations in total, including some we haven’t explored in depth, like the prolific Mimot, or the Baratak, which are basically sentient plants.

Of course, you can expect the return of plenty of fan favorites, including DLC ​​civilizations from Galactic Civilizations III, such as the Republic of Arcean. With the beta unlocking all previously blocked civilizations, you have a lot to explore on beta launch day. With such a huge roster of civilizations, there is no telling what the post-launch updates and expansions will bring.

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Working together for a better (galactic) civilization

Galactic Civilizations has been going on as a series for over 30 years, gathering loyal and dedicated fans with their own ideas on how to make the game better. While Stardock has been integrating community feedback where appropriate, the team is particularly keen to work with the community to complete Galactic Civilizations IV.

Major changes to the new game, such as a new advisor to help guide your turn-by-turn decisions, a cleaner UI, and a policy redesign, were inspired by community feedback.

In Galactic Civilization III, players can unlock and choose the type of imperial government they want, along with a host of perks. Players say they love the perks, but they also want to be able to mix perks from different government types in order to tailor their empires to their playstyle. Thus the policy system was born.

There are many other new systems that have resulted from community requests, such as prestige victory types and galactic achievements. Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, said the tools the community can use to interact and collaborate with developers is becoming more important every year. “The lines between developers and gamers are getting blurred every year,” he said, “and I, on the one hand, welcome our new gamer overlord.”

there are more……

This is far from the end of what we can say about Galactic Civilization IV. There is a new and improved ideology system that matches the policies of Galactic Civilization IV.

There are also new features and mechanics on the Galaxy map that offer even more ways to use your turns. A new currency called “Control” will allow you to issue executive orders as shortcuts for things like research projects and building new colony ships. New strategic actions give you ways to gain an early advantage when your fleet fires. We haven’t even touched the new multi-turn space combat mechanics!

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Now is the perfect time to check out Galactic Civilizations IV. Pre-order now so you’ll be ready to join the beta update when you land on Thursday.

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