Galactic Civilizations IV’s new Mimot race will conquer with cuteness

Galactic Civilizations IV’s new Mimot race will conquer with cuteness

We’re taking a break from the moody Delinkings and combative Terrans to return to another brand new race, soon to join the space-based 4X game Galactic Civilizations IV: Brotherhood of Mimot.They’re cute, they’re unassuming, they’re will If you’re not careful, the galaxy will cease to exist. They’ve been available in space strategy games for a while now, so if you’re interested, you can pre-order now to get immediate access to the beta and give it a try.

These furry astronauts may lack the military prowess of the Arcean Republic or the Xeloxi’s affinity for stealing anything not fastened to a hull board, but they make up for it in sheer numbers thanks to their fertile abilities. You’ll never be short of Mimot Brotherhood citizens, though the food to feed them may always be in short supply.

Thankfully, their other ability – multiplication – shows that every time a ship is built, two are built at the same time. That means you’ll have plenty of colony ships and builders that you can use to transport those unwanted kids far, far away.Unfortunately, this skill also reduces the -25% health to all Mimot ships, which means you’ll have to swarm your enemies if you want to compete militarily.

These two core features of the Mimot Brotherhood unlock special policies that can be enacted right from the start. The first reduces construction costs but makes maintenance more expensive, and the second provides a huge growth boost – and a small approval boost – for only a quarter of your regular income. You know, just in case you’re worried that there aren’t enough Mimots in the galaxy.

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To support all these Mimots, you need food. Unfortunately, their hometown of Fen can only help to a certain extent. There are a few slots for increasing food – including a +3 slot – but there are just as many slots for boosting production, research, and approval. You will then need to explore and find new worlds with high food production to support your exploding population.

This is where the Brotherhood’s own command ship and its special abilities might come in handy:

  • Elf: This small boat is impressive for its size and will gain additional movement points as it is upgraded. Great for scouting.
  • appellant: A small boat that can spawn free probes.
  • Puka: A decent little beam boat with a 75% chance of escaping combat.
  • Lorreig: A mid-sized ship with modest weapons that can clone itself. It doesn’t need any reason, it’s cool.
  • Harpasin: A medium ship with good kinetic attack and defense against all three weapon types. It also has a special “Antimatter Bomb” attack that can damage all enemy fleets within a 1 block radius.
  • Durahan: Despite its hull size, this ship is weak, but it can spawn transports that provide free travel for your legion of soldiers.
  • Rude: A large ship with moderate beam and missile attack, but its main function is to spawn infinite gunships.

These ships may not help you with population issues, but they will help ensure you gain numbers to ensure space dominance and provide ample transportation for your invading armies.

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Mimots’ default feature loading will also give them an extra edge. Their furry appearance and diminutive stature are sure to remind everyone of their favorite childhood pets, so it’s only fair that the Mimots get a huge extra bonus. Mimot citizens can also enjoy productivity boosts to help them endlessly pursue more, um… everything.

The galaxy’s newest furry friend civilization will make its mark on the series. If you can handle their never-ending food crisis, you’ll have an interesting time waiting for how long it takes the galaxy to notice that your citizens are popping up everywhere at an alarming rate. Just make sure you don’t give Festron too many free meals.

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If you’re a fast-growing contender, make sure you pre-order Galactic Civilizations IV today so you can get immediate access to the latest beta and try out Brotherhood of Mimot for yourself.

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