Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed's 4v1 gameplay seems to prefer Odd Man

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed’s 4v1 gameplay seems to prefer Odd Man


I’m surprised my first attempt at playing the ghost in Ghostbusters: Souls Unleashed almost won. When it comes to asymmetric multiplayer, I tend not to be great in single-player, but I nearly beat their own games on Illfonic Creative Director Jared Gerritzen, CEO Charles Brungardt, and VP Marketing and Communications Shannon Gerritzen . I’m 15 seconds away from a key victory.

Now, there are several possibilities that explain my victory. Maybe they’re not used to playing with their fourth companion, not a real player. Maybe all three of them are just tired from the road showcasing the game all week.

Or maybe they just took pity on me and made me almost win.

For whatever reason, I was an absolute blast wandering the museum as a mischievous ghoul, annoyed by having innocuous objects and hiding in plain sight and covering them with slime when they found me my potential captive. All along, I’ve been living out my dream of being an absolute nuisance to museum patrons and scaring them with horrific screams. I’m having fun because I’m doing it well – better than I usually do when I’m playing in my solo asymmetrical game.

In Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, you play as either the titular team of ghost hunters or their newest prey. A team of four, the Ghostbusters need to work together to pinpoint the ghost’s location, stun it long enough to capture it, and disrupt its respawn method. Acting alone, the ghost must use its powers of possession, teleportation, and other supernatural abilities to escape capture long enough for its presence to cause all NPCs to flee in fear. When I played ghost, I managed to avoid capturing long enough that the last 90 second timer popped up – but as I said, I ended up being captured with 15 seconds remaining.

Spirits Unleashed isn’t Illfonic’s first foray into asymmetric gaming — the studio developed 7v1 Friday the 13th: The Game and 4v1 Predator: Hunting Grounds. However, this is the first time the developer has flipped the script on its formula for these games. On Friday the 13th and hunting grounds, one The team is being hunted.Meanwhile, Spirits Unleashed saw team Had to hunt down solo players.

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It’s not a huge change, but — at least based on my time with Spirits Unleashed now — it makes for a more enjoyable experience. Like Friday the 13th and The Hunting Ground, Soul Unleashed leans more towards that in terms of personal power. Ghosts are stronger than any single Ghostbusters. Heck, ghosts sometimes seem stronger than two or three Ghostbusters working together.

But because the ghost is a prey and not a hunter, its power is not in its offensive potential. Instead, the Ghost is powerful for its mobility potential – it’s faster than Ghostbusters and has abilities geared toward stealth, escape, and survival rather than attack.

This automatically makes it easier to become a player yourself. Everything at your disposal supports your ability to avoid detection and escape capture.And since they’re not hunters, they don’t have to worry about escaping when they’re suddenly overwhelmed Meanwhile also Focus on actively hunting down prey. They have only one goal, which is the advantage the Ghosts have over the Ghostbusters, which have several goals—find and capture the Ghosts, disrupt the Ghosts’ means of respawning, and minimize damage to the environment.

With Spirits Unleashed, Illfonic seems to understand that the majority can still overpower the minority simply because they have superior numbers—everyone knows teamwork makes dreams come true. As a result, the studio simplifies the workload and considerations that a person has to juggle, and provides them with more opportunities for multiple rebirths. This shifts the balance even more in favor of Ghosts to offset the opposing team’s dominant numbers, and it seems to result in a more balanced experience than Illfonic’s previous asymmetrical games.

If nothing else, I came out of the preview with a clear understanding of how Illfonic has come a long way in improving the Odd Man out experience in its asymmetrical game. Playing a ghost doesn’t seem frustratingly difficult or boringly easy, mostly because the experience isn’t cluttered with multiple characters to complete. Provide a character-focused team for a team with only one goal and provide a more approachable and therefore more enjoyable experience when Ghostbusters: Souls Unleashed is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC later this year. receive a commission from retail offers.

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