Here are some new details about the wolf among us 2

Here are some new details about the wolf among us 2

Here are some new details about the wolf among us 2


After the announcement at the 2019 Game Awards, there was almost no news about the “Rebirth” Telltale Games’ “Wolf Among Us 2”. Now, a new feature of the long-awaited sequel to Game Informer is revealing new key details about the game.

Due to the newly reformed Game Informer feature on Telltale Games, the new details have been teased. Some key points of “Wolf Among Us 2” were announced on Twitter, including more details about the game’s settings. Like the first game, “Wolf Among Us 2” will be set before the fable comic book on which the series is based, and the sequel will take place six months after the original events.

According to the report, this timetable will place the game in the winter, and the game will take place “all of New York.”

The Wolf Among Us 2 | Game Informant Details
-Original after 6 months of setting
-Happened throughout the winter in New York
-In full production, the script has been completed, and the motion capture is in progress
-Unreal Engine greatly simplifies development
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— Shinobi602 (@shinobi602) December 22, 2021

Telltale previously stated that the pre-production of the game began at the end of 2019, and it has now been confirmed that “Wolf Among Us 2” has been fully produced, the final script is in hand, and the motion capture is in progress. As previously reported by the studio in its end-of-2021 update, the team has switched to Unreal Engine for the sequel, which simplifies the development process.

All the previous news about this game is that Telltale’s new team is “Wolf Among Us 2” from scratch, not based on the game that the original Telltale team is already playing. Early reports also indicated that Adam Harrington (Bigby Wolf) and Irene Yvette (Snow White) will return and replay their voice roles, and the game will be available on PC through the Epic Games Store and consoles. release.

Telltale Games is also currently developing a game based on The Expanse, which is being developed in cooperation with Deck Nine Games, the team behind Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Despite the good news about one of Telltale’s most popular games, the sequel is bittersweet for some due to the studio’s intricate history and the massive layoffs experienced by developers who were part of the original Telltale studio . After closing at the end of 2018, the studio was acquired by LCG Entertainment, which reinvigorated the Telltale brand and supported the development of two new games. receive commissions from retail offers.

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