Historical RPG Expedition: Rome Has New DLC About Gladiators

Historical RPG Expedition: Rome Has New DLC About Gladiators


Expeditions: Rome won’t add NFTs, but it’s going to be more juicy, historical-flavored content. The first expansion for the turn-based RPG game, Death or Glory, is now available and adds a new Gladiator character class. There’s also a bunch of gladiator-type things to do, like fighting lions and tigers, and possibly dying for bloodthirsty crowds.

In addition to the new gladiator character class, Death or Glory adds a new arena to each area of ​​the campaign map. Each has its own unique questline, and you must battle new characters in the game to gain audience approval. You can play these as part of the vanilla campaign, or go straight into gladiator mode and start fighting.

The Gladiator class has three subclasses. There’s also the Murmillo, a heavily armed variant that’s as tough as a nail; the Provocateur, who can manipulate the morale of an opponent; and the Retiarius, a highly mobile class whose greatest weapon is their sharp wit. There are 24 new class skills between the three, and you can choose to play the gladiator yourself, let your companions play the role, or recruit new gladiators to join your team.

Human opponents won’t be your only foes in the ring – you’ll also have to fend off greedy beasts like lions and tigers. Luckily, you’ll be able to craft new gladiator armor and use a new scissor weapon on your off-hand, allowing you to fight back after taking a hit.

Killing your enemies in the arena isn’t the main goal – it’s just the cost of doing a business that’s entertaining Rome’s violently addicted crowd. You can also hold on as long as you want – once you become a champion, you can choose to defend your title as much as you want.

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