Horizon Forbidden City has God of War Easter Eggs

Horizon Forbidden City has God of War Easter Eggs


Horizon Forbidden West is the latest from Sony’s in-house studio, and as you might expect, it includes some shoutouts to other PlayStation franchises. One such homage is the hunt for a series of God of War Easter eggs, the ultimate reward being a Kratos-inspired look for Aloy.

You can find tons of collectibles all over the world, including three special totems. They are similar to Kratos, the dwarven blacksmith brothers Brock and Sindri, and Atreus respectively.Well, it’s technically Four Totem, but Brok and Sindri are matching sets found in the same location. Once you’ve found all the three-color totems, you’ll unlock a new face-painting pattern called Mark of War, which looks very familiar. You can check out our in-depth Horizon Forbidden West totem guide for details on where to find them.

Aloy looks remarkably God-like with her warmark face paint.

These are the new God of War series based on Norse mythology. The new continuity comes sometime after the old series, though exactly when and how Kratos got to the snowy environment is unclear. A sequel, Ragnarok, is scheduled for release in 2022. Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind the new God of War, was one of the developers to congratulate Guerrilla on Horizon’s launch day.

For more information on Horizon, check out our Beginner Tips and Greenshine Guide, and how to get a Shieldwing Glider. Be sure to read our Horizon Forbidden West review. receive a commission from retail offers.

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