Horizon Zero Dawn Story Explained: Relive What Happened Before The Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn Story Explained: Relive What Happened Before The Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn Story Explained: Relive What Happened Before The Forbidden West


The story of the Horizon series is filled with rich lore, numerous key characters, and plenty of earth-shattering revelations. Even though there’s only one game in the series so far, so much has happened in one game, and its DLC expansions are enough to relive the story. So, with Horizon Forbidden hitting theaters later this week, what better time to relive the series’ story so far, from the mysterious Zero Dawn Project all the way to Aloy’s adventures in the frozen wilderness? This is Horizon’s story so far.

set up

After a catastrophic robotic apocalypse that wiped out most of humanity, the Horizon series unfolds its grand narrative of tribal politics and robotic dinosaur-animal things in the 31st century. Those who survived formed tribes that lived largely without the technological advancements of their predecessors. They have knowledge of higher times and refer to these ancestors as the old days.

At Zero Dawn, there are four tribes in the world. The Nora are a group of devout warrior hunters from the South who worship at the altar of the “All Mother”. Carja, a bustling city living in the central desert, worships the sun god. The Oseram are a tribe of pragmatic blacksmiths and men. The Banuks are a tribe of hunters and shamans living in the mountains. The tribes weren’t exactly friendly either: Carja, in particular, was notorious for attacking their rivals under the mad Sun King Jiran.

Scattered throughout the stunning post-apocalyptic landscape are animals known as “machines” and dinosaur-like robots that have largely made peace with the tribes. However, as the years passed, these machines became increasingly violent towards humans as part of a phenomenon known as “insanity.”

small start

Horizon Zero Dawn begins with the series’ central protagonist, the fiery huntress Aloy, as a cute little baby. Found alone in the heart of the sacred Nora Hills – the aforementioned full mother – poor little Aloy was shunned by the Nora tribe due to her motherless, and was subsequently raised by her surrogate father Rost, Rost is also Nora’s outcast. Fast forward about five or six years, and little Aloy stumbles upon a cave system that was once the base of operations for the Old Sage. Here, she discovers a magical trinket called the Focus, a tiny headset that displays her vision of the Old Ones and vital information about the machine and the world around her. She tests it out by rescuing an unfortunate Nora lad from some horse-like machines.

Stumbled upon Focus piques Aloy’s interest in her own past, where she came from, and more importantly, who her mother was. She bombards Rost with questions about who she is, and he eventually tells her that the only way she knows her roots is to win proofs — a Nora tradition of having young men and women compete in trials. If she wins, she’ll get any wish, including reintegrating with Nora, where she can begin to learn more about herself. Of course, Rost told her that it takes years of training to get ready for Proving, so next we’ll see a montage of her growth and training for the event.

prove yourself

As Aloy grows up, she heads to Proving with Rost, who tells her that once she wins the tryouts, she’ll never see him again. After their sad farewell, Aloy enters Mother Heart Town, where a pre-proof celebration is taking place. Many representatives from the Carja tribe were also in town with good news: The Mad Sun King was dead, at the hands of his own son Avad, who wanted to apologize for all the murder and looting of his people over the years. Do.

Before she’s ready for the night, Aloy begins talking to Orin, a Carja tribe member who also wears the Fox. Before a big, brash Oseram chap named Erend introduces himself, Olin slyly defends himself and invites Aloy to join him in Meridian – the bustling metropolis of Carjan – to hang out with him. He’s a bit edgy, our Elendr, but don’t worry, he’s a good kid, you’ll see.

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Aloy wakes up in the center of a mountain shelter, where she uses Eclipse Focus to discover some disturbing truths about her past – namely that she has a near-identical DNA match with an unknown woman who may be her mother. When she spoke to Nora senior matriarch Teersa, she was told the woman could not be her mother because she had no mother. Teersa details the maddeningly mysterious message by telling Aloy that she was found in the mountains next to their goddess All-Mother, which turned out to be a huge metal door.

Door immediately starts talking to Aloy like an old friend, but due to some form of corruption, she can’t get to the secrets behind it. To escape the Corruption Gate, Aloy plots to track Orin back to Meridian, which means she needs to venture beyond the borders of the Nora tribe. To keep her away, Teersa and the other matriarchs honor Aloy with the Seeker. As an explorer, Aloy can come and go as he pleases, exploring worlds beyond the Sanctuary of Nora, even the ruins of the Old Holy, a feat that usually puts you in exile.

Armed with questions to answer and mysteries to solve, Aloy sets out for the capital of Kaja. Just as she was about to leave, she was attacked by a Corruptor, a scorpion-like machine that drives other machines crazy. Aloy did brief work on the abomination and rifled through the wreckage to find a little dick that she bolted to her spear, which allowed her to outrun the machine.

Go west!

Aloy travels west and catches up with her old friend Erend, who takes her to Olin’s house to find his tracks and get some answers. This takes Aloy to a dig site in the desert, where Olin is helping Eclipse dig out more Corruptors to wage war and retake Meridian from the new Sun King. It turns out that Eclipse is a splinter group of Carja, led by a pale lad named Helis who worships a metal demon named Hades (more on him/it later). They’ve also been blackmailing poor Orin into their evil plan to help them regain power. Eclipse wanted Aloy to die because she looked like the woman her DNA matched, a trivial fact because Olin found pictures of this woman at a place called Maker’s End. Aloy takes a slight detour to investigate, then stops the assassination plot against Avad before continuing on his journey to Maker’s End.

Meet your manufacturer

On her way to Maker’s End, Aloy begins hearing a mysterious voice in her head that continually guides her and helps her achieve her goal of infiltrating the facility she found. Aloy discovers that Maker’s End is actually Faro Automated Solutions, an ancient manufacturing facility built to build massive military machines that can help nations keep peace. The scientists behind this effort are Dr. Ted Faro and Dr. Elisbet Sobeck – the mysterious doppelganger of Aloy – who have used artificial intelligence to create these machines that are so smart that they can replicate themselves. The problem is that they need living matter to replicate, which really should be a red flag.

Unsurprisingly, the AI ​​malfunctions, sending terrifying sentient robots on their way to Earth’s all-you-can-eat buffet, which Aloy learns happened 1,000 years ago. After learning the doom and gloom of it all, Aloy finally meets the man behind the mysterious voice, who turns out to be a man named Sierence, played by Lance Reddick. While she was initially hesitant to work with him, Aloy eventually agreed to work with Sylens because he seemed to have many of the answers she was looking for.

Project Zero Dawn

Keen to discover more about the Old World, Sylens sends Aloy on a mission to infiltrate another Old World ruins. She entered the ruins, which turned out to be the base of operations for the Zero Dawn Project. Given that it makes up two-thirds of the game’s titles, you might guess that’s a big deal. But what exactly is Project Zero Dawn?

As it turns out, the Old Ones knew they were doomed and never intended to save themselves from the impending robotic apocalypse. Project Zero Dawn was marketed to the world’s leading thinkers as an advanced operation to save humanity, but upon arriving at the facility, the think tank learned that there really was no way to stop the robots, at least not in any realistic time frame. Instead, their work aims to rebuild Earth from the ashes for years to come. To this end, a team of scientists led by Dr. Sobeck has created an AI called Gaia, which will be designed with the knowledge and abilities needed to deactivate all of Faro’s expendable murder droids and restore the destroyed Earth shell.

Gaia was established to create an ecosystem of machines to revive Earth and then breed a new human race to populate her reconstructed world. The team broke down Gaia into nine subsystems, all designed to do different things, mostly named after the Greek pantheon. These include subroutines such as Demeter and Artemis, respectively, for replenishing flora and fauna, and Minerva, which will force cracking codes to deactivate swarms of robots over the next few hundred years.

Among them was Apollo, a vast catalogue covering all human history and culture, aimed at restoring human society to the way it was, leaving all its knowledge and technology intact. But there’s also a program called Hades — the metal demon that Eclipse is allied with — that turns out to be a fail-safe piece of software designed to wipe out Gaia when it fails to create conditions that could support life. In that case, Hades would basically delete the failed effort and let Gaia start from scratch.

Deep within the ruins of Zero Dawn, Aloy enters Dr. Sobek’s long-vacant office, where she finds the key to the corruption she encountered at the All Mother’s Gate. But just as she was about to leave, she was ambushed and unconscious by Hellis and his Eclipse thugs.

eclipse shadow

Aloy wakes up in a cage in Sunfall’s Colosseum-style arena, where she performs a blood sacrifice with a horde of machines and corrupters. She was rescued by Sirens, and the two escaped.

After a near-death experience, Aloy ventures back to the land of the Nora tribe, where she encounters the Eclipse soldiers who have begun their invasion. Aloy survives the invading army and helps the Nora tribe…

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