Horizon​​n Forbidden West Patch 1.08 is now live

Horizon​​n Forbidden West Patch 1.08 is now live

Horizon​​n Forbidden West Patch 1.08 is now live


Guerrilla Games has released another update for Horizon Forbidden West, with patch 1.08 focusing on issues that players keep reporting.

As usual, the developer shared the patch notes on Reddit, starting with a known issue that the team is still investigating. These include graphics issues with flickering, sharpening, and screen saturation; fast travel bugs, and issues with rewards for completing the Black Box Collectibles event.

For fixes and improvements, the long list covers main and side quests, world events, performance and stability, and other miscellaneous issues. Most notably, Guerrilla appears to have fixed multiple crashes that plagued players’ games, as well as some maintenance on in-game animations, unexpected loading screens — which were mentioned in patch 1.07 as a work in progress — and visuals pop up.

Various graphical bugs have also been fixed, including an issue where Aloy’s outfit no longer appears wet after being in the water, and an issue where the Photo Mode controls would freeze after starting a swan dive. A previously known issue with incorrect NPC movement animations in settlements has finally been fixed, and the developers have also made some balance changes to weapons and enemies. The full list of patch notes is as follows:

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.08 Patch Notes

main mission

  • Fixed an issue in “To The Brink” where using Silent Strike on the Steelback for certain quests would teleport the player to the Brink.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Dying Land” where Varl and Zo would sometimes idle outside Song of the Plains and get in the way.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Dying Land” where Aloy’s companion would not lead the way after restarting from certain saves.
  • Fixed an issue in Broken Sky where reloading a save would sometimes inadvertently disable fast travel.
  • Fixed an issue in Cradle of Echoes where loading a save created in the previous patch would cause Aloy to get stuck in the base.
  • Fixed Aloy’s breathing sound playing in the movie sequence in “Thebes”.
  • Fixed an issue in “All That Remains” where restarting from a save would cause Aloy to spawn in the base and not be able to leave.

side quests

  • Fixed an issue in “The Bristlebacks” where Ulvund didn’t receive the memo and got stuck in the Chainscrape after the quest was completed.
  • Fixed an issue in “What’s Missing” where Kotallo would sometimes become unresponsive when reloading from a specific save.
  • Fixed an issue in “Blood for Blood” where Kavvoh and Arokkeh could not be interacted with under certain circumstances, hindering progression.
  • Fixed an issue in Forbidden Legacy where speeding during a Slitherfang encounter would prevent the machine from respawning, hindering progress.
  • Fixed an issue in The Binding Root where the quest objective “To the Drumroot” would not complete after damaging Widemaws from a distance.
  • Fixed an issue in the errand quest “Call and Response” where killing enemies before receiving the objective could hinder progress.

world events

  • Fixed an issue in Gauntlet Run where being last across the finish line would result in a win under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed several issues where certain Firegleam and Metal Flower icons were not showing on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where the Firegleam icon would not be properly removed from the map after the associated event was completed.
  • Fixed an issue where fast travel would be disabled under certain circumstances when loading a save while playing Machine Strike.

User Interface/User Experience

  • Fixed an issue where the Machine Strike UI would briefly flicker at the end of the game.


  • Fixed Aloy no longer appearing wet after being in water.
  • Multiple graphical fixes and improvements in animations.
  • Multiple visual improvements to shadows and clouds.
  • Fixed an issue where Photo Mode controls would freeze when launching Photo Mode during a swan dive.

performance and stability

  • Multiple crash fixes.
  • Multiple performance and streaming improvements in animations.
  • Removed multiple unintentional loading screens and black screens.
  • Fixed multiple instances of streaming and visual popups.


  • Several improvements have been made to NPC movement and animations in settlements.
  • It is easier to mark individual components when using motion to target and scan the machine.
  • When picking up potions or tools that no longer fit in your tool belt, they are now moved to the stash.
  • Some balance changes to weapons and enemies.
  • Fixed several instances where Aloy could get stuck in geometry.
  • Fixed the “All Machine Types Scanned” trophy being easily missed during the final main quest “Singularity”.
  • Fixed an issue where mount invocation would sometimes cause flying mounts to spawn in undesired locations and be unreachable in rare cases.
  • Several data points located in areas that players cannot return to are now automatically unlocked when the player leaves the space.
  • Fixed multiple instances of a specific music track getting stuck and repeating. receive a commission from retail offers.

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