Horses Among Us Mode is an April Fools’ Day Event Turned By Memes

Horses Among Us Mode is an April Fools’ Day Event Turned By Memes

An old Among Us meme is now a limited-time April Fools’ attraction called Horse Mode. It’s April 1st after all, which means you can’t believe anything you read. Of course, we’ll never do anything unless it’s on PCGamesN. Fortunately, however, some game companies have dropped the pretense of trying to cover our eyes, and have embraced the day as a time for general stupidity.That’s the case with Innersloth, the developers of the breakthrough social reasoning game Among Us, who have brought the circus One-day mode only.

Among Us – The Horse Edition is now playable and sees the notorious crew and imposter grow a second pair of legs and take on the appearance of a more horse.

In addition to this cursed new look, the imposter will have a unique kill animation and a “hissing” sound, which the developers describe as “voiced by our programmer Gary, which was originally a joke-filled” sound until we found a real horse sound to use. Then we realized it was much better that way.”

The team at Innersloth noted that since this is a joke side project, players may experience some visual mess, and the “horse pals” can only wear hats and visors while the mode is live. Horse Mode is scheduled to go away on April 2nd at 12AM UTC (April 1st at 11PM BST), so be sure to play as much as you can.

Check out the trailer below:

InnerSloth recently announced its latest Among Us crossover, with the Master Chief himself making a grand appearance in multiplayer. If you feel like this phenomenon is passing you by and you’re worried about showing sus to your friends, be sure to check out our guide to the impostors and the crew among us guide, you’ll be letting the rest of your crew eat from the palm of your hand in no time your hands.

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