How do you break the walls in Mauer Der Toten?

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt.

Go down to the Sewer Access area, and take Klaus to the wall on the western side. Make sure to summon him in front of wall. He will break down the wall, after which you need to destroy the metal door with your Blazer Mod.

Beside this, How do you get Klaus hand? To get your hands on Klaus’s battery, you need to get to Round 10 and fight the Krasny Soldat. Defeat it by continuously attacking its head, and you’ll easily be able to collect the battery as a dropping. With the battery collected, head to the underground safe house and install the battery into Klaus’s body.

What is the safe code in Mauer Der Toten? Go to the safe and enter the combinations (Garment, Sewer, and then Grocery). Once all three combinations are entered, use the handle to open the Mauer Der Toten safe. Once the safe is open, grab the wonder weapon (CRBR-S) and the intel. The wonder weapon is necessary to complete the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg.

In this regard, How do you pronounce Mauer Der Toten?

Where do you put uranium zombies?

Activate it and kill all the zombies that spawn including the Megatons. Grab uranium from the two halves of the Megatons (if you’re playing solo you’ll need to do this one at a time), and head to the crafting bench to the left of the computer you activated. Use it to make a Uranium Device.

How do you assemble Klaus? To build Klaus, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players need to collect a battery and a pair of hands. In the case of the battery, players only need to kill one Krasny Soldat mini boss. Spawning in at about Round 10, it should be easy enough for gamers to take down early on.

How do you get Klaus on Mauer der Toten? Klaus can be found sitting at the back of the room, but you’ll need to attach all the parts to him if you wish to power him on. Simply interact with him to equip each item. Klaus will then jump up from his chair and begin taking down any nearby zombies.

How do you activate Klaus in Mauer der Toten? Head towards the Garment Factory and spawn in Klaus using the summoning point on the Korber Rooftop. Go into the Garment Factory and pop the dish on the Klaus Upgrade Terminal. If the light above it goes green, put Klaus in front of it and he’ll enter.

How do you get Klaus to open the locker?

For starters, in the Switch Control Room, there is a locker marked with an “O”, and you’ll need to get Klaus to open the locker. Opening the locker will give you access to the black light. Next, you’ll need to use the black light to find three different sets of numbers. These numbers will be used to open a safe.

How do you get the headgear in Mauer Der Toten? To find the Klaus headgear parts in COD Cold War Mauer der Toten, you need to shoot three seemingly random objects. Perhaps even more importantly, you need to shoot these objects using the new wonder weapon. When you do that, they will drop one piece of the headgear, and you need to collect three of them.

How do you find the safe in cod?

What is the best gun in Cold War Zombies? Black Ops Cold War: 10 Best Weapons To Start With In Zombies

  1. 1 AK74u. Very lightweight and won’t slow players down.
  2. 2 Streetsweeper. Extremely slow reload speed. …
  3. 3 Gallo SA12. Large clip size when pack-a-punched. …
  4. 4 Knife. One-hit-kill up to round 15. …
  5. 5 Hauer 77. Slow reload speed. …
  6. 6 M16. High damage. …
  7. 7 M60. …
  8. 8 Aug. …

Where is Jug on Mauer der Toten?


This vital perk is found down on the streets inside the bar. Head down to the street and take a right to find the bar. Head inside and you’ll find the Juggernog perk against the wall.

How do you get uranium in Mauer der Toten?

How do you get Uranium in Mauer Der Toten?

How do you make Mauer Der Toten headgear?

Where are the headgear parts in Mauer Der Toten?

Where to Find Klaus Headgear Parts in Mauer der Toten

  • Shoot the radio tower near the spawn point, in the Apartment Rooftop area.
  • Shoot the radio in the Electronics Store off of East Berlin Streets (it can spawn on several different shelves).

How do you recharge Klaus? Go to the Garment Factory with Klaus and have him get kills in front of his upgrade machine. It might take a few dozen kills, so if Klaus leaves to go recharge, go out to the rooftop and call him back in with the radio in front of the Speed Cola machine.

How do you fully upgrade Klaus?

To fully upgrade Klaus in Mauer Der Toten COD Zombies, you need to find two floppy disks. These can spawn in six different locations, in black boxes on the walls. You have to use the blacklight you got earlier (Up on d-pad, 5 on keyboard) to figure out which box has a floppy disk.

How do you make Klaus stop the train? When he says something sarcastic about stopping a train, go into the Switch Control Room and flip the Railway Switch. Soon a fiery train will race up and Klaus will stop it.

How do I call Klaus?

How do I upgrade Klaus?

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