How to Avoid Losing Wordle Streak

How to Avoid Losing Wordle Streak


If you’re proud of your Wordle streak, you might want to sit back. As the game’s URL migrated to the New York Times website, it seemed everyone’s scores were reset. You have to start your streak from scratch — that is, unless you do one thing differently.

According to the help section on the official New York Times website, this should not have been the case. According to the paper, all game stats should migrate on transition, and it recommends making sure you’re using the same browser and not in private mode.

However, several said it would kill their winning streak anyway. It does show your max streak and how many times you’ve played, but your current streak can be reset to zero.

The Wordle site has updated itself to use nytimes links so you can play today’s word again, but be warned, this will kill your streak (RIP)
Word 236 1/6

— Anisa Sanusi (@studioanisa) February 10, 2022

In our testing, this didn’t actually happen, with both our total game count and our current winning streak displayed correctly.according to New York Times wordplay account, the reason is that we go to the original URL and get redirected instead of searching for the new NYT URL from the start. Go to the original URL and it will migrate all stats, while going to the NY Times page itself will not.

So there you have it. You can keep winning streaks and keep bragging to your friends. It seems the word today should be “saved”. receive a commission from retail offers.

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