If you dare, Resident Evil 2 and 3 can now be played in VR

If you dare, Resident Evil 2 and 3 can now be played in VR


Due to the long-awaited release of the VR mod, the recently remastered “Resident Evil 2” and “Resident Evil 3” can now be played in VR, and it even “Resident Evil Village VR” which is “in an early stage”-despite You need a decent PC to use it, not to mention the nerves of steel.

Although the first-person version of Resident Evil 7 received the official VR version, and Resident Evil 4 just received the VR version built specifically for Oculus Quest 2, the series usually avoids the VR version-even the direct sequel to RE7, last year’s Resident Evil In the village, VR is not implemented.

Modders has added first-person control to most recent third-person Resident Evil games, but now there are also VR options. Modder Praydog has been making VR modules for “Resident Evil 2” and “Resident Evil 3” remakes, “Resident Evil 7” and even “Village”-because they all use the same RE engine-now finally available on Github downloaded.

You need to install SteamVR and first-person modules for 2 and 3, and then just paste the module files in the installation folder of each game, and you are obviously ready to use it. The VR mod is in an “early state”, but added motion control, moving knife damage, and physical grenade throwing to RE2 and RE3-as well as the village’s “early WIP motion control”.

Players suggest that you may need an updated PC to actually use this module, so please be aware of this. You can check the terrible results below. We can’t imagine meeting Mr. X face to face, good luck to everyone.

As for more official Resident Evil stuff, the free DLC of Resident Evil Village will be launched soon, and maybe Netflix will not pull the trailer the next time it shows the new Resident Evil live-action series.

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