Intel’s Arc Alchemist gaming laptop finally goes live

Intel’s Arc Alchemist gaming laptop finally goes live

The Intel Arc Alchemist GPU line was officially launched earlier this month, but gaming laptops with the new chips are currently only available in South Korea. However, it looks like the first wave of Blue Team graphics cards is finally set for a US release, as HP and Asus products with these chips have already appeared online as “coming soon.”

At Best Buy, there are two gaming laptop models listed with Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs – the Asus Zenbook Flip and the HP Spectre. Both options come with the A370M, a chip with 6GB of GDDR6 VRAM, 8 Xe cores, and 8 ray tracing cores. The GPU comes with an Intel Alder Lake i7 CPU, but the Asus laptop comes with 16GB of low-profile DDR5 RAM, which beats the HP Spectre’s DDR4 equivalent.

In terms of price, the Asus Zenbook Flip is currently listed for $1,399.99, while the HP Spectre is listed for $1,999.99. The latter option is especially expensive when you consider the specs of the A370M GPU, and you can pick up the HP Omen RTX 3070 laptop for $600 at Best Buy.

Needless to say, the A370M isn’t the best GPU for gaming notebooks, but the arrival of products powered by this chip should help provide more options. There’s still no word on the company’s Arc A550M, A730M, and A770M mobile offerings, and desktop Arc Alchemist GPUs may not appear until late summer.

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We’ll have to wait for the full availability of Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPU lineup before we know if it’s going to shake up the gaming PC space. However, benchmarks show that the A370M is on par with the Nvidia GTX 1650, which could be an ominous sign in terms of performance. It’s also worth noting that both the RTX 4000-series and AMD RDNA 3 GPUs are rumored to be released later this year, meaning that the Blue Team’s lineup could face stiff next-gen competitors.

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