Konami hopes to save eFootball 2022 with Season 1 update

Konami hopes to save eFootball 2022 with Season 1 update

eFootball 2022 has had a rough time. After a poor launch, the football game became the worst rated game on Steam due to constant bugs and glitches. After some minor fixes and updates, Konami announced the November v1.0.0 big patch, which was then pushed back to the spring. Well, spring is here and the update seems to be on schedule.

The new update claims to rebuild player and ball behavior from scratch, as well as giving players tons of new moves and skills at their disposal. There are new tactical team fights, crossover moves and team defense tactics. A new system called “stunning kicks” can be applied to most types of passes, crosses, through balls and shots to modify them into faster, more direct or stronger versions depending on the situation.

Aside from the mechanical rework, the other major introduction here is Dream Team, a new game mode that appears to be Konami’s replacement for the myClub mode from previous PES iterations. Players can use in-game currency to build their own original team to sign players and managers, train them to develop skills and teamwork, and then compete against other players in leagues over 28-day stages. The first of these leagues will start on April 21, giving players just over a week to prepare their teams.

Initial reactions on the eFootball subreddit appeared to be lukewarm positive. There seems to be a general consensus that ball feel and fluidity of play do seem to have improved, but it’s still lackluster compared to the standards achieved by previous PES entries. There’s also a general impression that the product still feels a little barebones, especially before the full launch of Season 1 next week.

As of now, a day after the patch was released, the user review digest on Steam remains “overwhelmingly negative,” with only 16% positive reviews at the time of writing. Recent reviews, however, are at a slightly upbeat 36% positive, with some users saying their first impression was that it was a step in the right direction, if not the overhaul they had hoped for.

Hopefully Konami can turn this step into a bigger leap over the next few months, because it would be nice to have more than one famous football game in the market again.

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