Leaked Among Us VR release date is a month after Starfield

Leaked Among Us VR release date is a month after Starfield

The release date for VR Among Us appears to have leaked thanks to an internal Steam update. A date for the VR game could be revealed this Wednesday, and if the leaks are accurate, the new Among Us will come after fellow big space game Starfield.

Not much has been revealed about VR Among Us, despite a brief reveal last year — it’s a first-person VR spinoff of the popular social reasoning game that turns into a full-blown horror game if it hasn’t already . That looks set to change this week, as developer Innersloth confirmed that VR Among Us will be unveiled at Facebook’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase (formerly the Oculus Showcase) on Wednesday, April 20.

It seems likely that Innersloth will reveal the release date around then, as it was just leaked due to an internal Steam update. According to SteamDB, the internal release date for Among Us VR has been pushed back to the end of the year, a month after StarCraft — and it was the day before the RPG game.

Among Us VR release date

According to leaks, Among Us VR will be released on December 13, 2022.

That may change — in fact, it has changed this week, since it was originally released on November 10. Since this release date comes right before Starfield on November 11, Innersloth may have worried that its game might overshadow Bethesda’s and decided to change it. What good people they are.

a week! a week!
Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Emergency Meeting Countdown to Celebration Ball!

— VR Among Us (@AmongUsVR) April 13, 2022

We’ll learn more about VR Among Us on Wednesday, April 20, which hopefully will include an official release date announcement.

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