‘Major changes’ expected in the Fortnite Creative economy this year

‘Major changes’ expected in the Fortnite Creative economy this year


Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said there will be “significant changes” to the Fortnite creative economy this year. The developer previously promised that Fortnite Creative 2.0 would be coming to the battle royale game sometime in 2022, and it looks like this will also improve the Support-a-Creator sharing program.

Fortnite Creative was added to multiplayer back in 2018, allowing creators to craft their game modes and show them off to others. While it’s a great place to find items that haven’t been added to the main game — most recently jetpacks — it’s only gotten minor improvements over the past few years, like stopping XP farms.

The Support-a-Creator program is the main way creatives get paid and is currently 5% – so if a player spends every $100 in Fortnite or the Epic Games Store, if they link it to a specific creator code, These creators get $5.

While Epic CEO Tim Sweeney had previously confirmed that Creative 2.0 would drop this year, the company’s co-founder confirmed today that “Creator Economy versions 2 and 3” are already in development. What’s more, we should “expect some significant changes throughout the year” — perhaps when 2.0 falls.

Epic is already working on Fortnite Creator Economy versions 2 and 3. Expect some major changes throughout the year.

โ€” Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) April 1, 2022

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