Marvel's midnight sun-everything we know

Marvel’s midnight sun-everything we know

Firaxis, the studio behind the XCOM revival, set its sights on the Marvel midnight sun in the Marvel universe. The upcoming tactical game set in the Marvel universe will share some common features with the sci-fi alien series, but it is far from a superhero’s re-skin. This is our understanding of the Marvel midnight sun.

release date

When it was first announced, Marvel’s midnight sun was set for March 2022. In November, the game was postponed and is now scheduled for the second half of 2022, and an exact release date has not yet been determined.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be available on every major platform, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

How to play Marvel’s midnight sun?

As the latest game from the studio behind XCOM, Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game that makes sense. The combat will be turn-based, similar to XCOM, but with a considerable twist. Your hero will have a set of ability cards instead of a fixed ability. When you put three of them into battle, these cards will be washed together. These cards range from basic attacks to special skills, allowing you to enhance other players or throw enemies on the battlefield. These cards can also be customized according to your game style.

Performing these skills will create a hero table. Then, you will be able to perform hero abilities and unlock special superpower actions by establishing relationships with other characters in the monastery of your base of operations. Finally, the midnight sun includes a destructible environment, which will add new tactical wrinkles to the battle.

Full Introduction to Marvel Midnight Sun | Gamescom ONL 2021

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What are the superheroes in Marvel’s midnight sun?

The story in Midnight Suns is roughly based on the rise of the 1990s series Midnight Suns, which is a crossover event that pairs the Avengers with more supernatural and magical characters to stop the threat of demons. Since the story revolves around supernatural threats, the roster includes characters who specialize in magical abilities, such as Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Magician, and Blade. These characters joined the mainstays of Marvel, such as Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man and Wolverine.

There will be a total of 13 playable characters, including your own player character. The character named Hunter can be customized in all aspects from appearance to power settings. Firaxis said it worked closely with Marvel to develop hunters.

  • Captain America
  • Captain Marvel
  • iron Man
  • Doctor Strange
  • Wolverine
  • Ghost rider
  • magician
  • Blade
  • Nicole Min

multiplayer game

Firaxis announced that there are no plans for a multiplayer game in Marvel’s midnight sun. It does include multiplayer games in XCOM 2, so Midnight Suns may also get a multiplayer mode.

Computer system specifications

Firaxis has not announced the PC system specifications of Marvel Midnight Sun. As the game is postponed to the second half of 2022, we can look forward to getting closer to the release.

DLC/microtransaction details

Firaxis has assured fans (by Twitter) Will not provide any microtransactions that affect card-based combat systems or gameplay in any way. However, it said it will provide cosmetic character skins that can be purchased. The studio has not announced any other DLC plans.

pre order

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not yet open for reservations. receive commissions from retail offers.

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