New World devs say “expect to see more expeditions and mutations in the future”

New World devs say “expect to see more expeditions and mutations in the future”


Earlier this month, New World developer Amazon Games made a series of changes to the MMORPG’s Public Beta Realm (PTR) for fans to take a test drive ahead of the next major patch. Amid a slew of balance changes and updates, there’s a major new feature coming that shakes up endgame combat, called Expedition Mutators – and it sounds like this is something the developers hope to introduce more in the future.

โ€œWe love diversity!โ€ Mike Willette, Head of World Experience, told us. โ€œThere are tons of different MMOs, roguelikes and action-adventure games that inspired our first steps in developing Mutators. We wanted ways to challenge players and reward them handsomely. We developed through the many pain, family types and abilities available in the game Layer upon layer of challenges. Everyone needs to handle it differently, better gear and teamwork, and better rewards!โ€

For context, expedition mutants are essentially modifiers of some variation by “enhancing the ‘normal’ and ‘named’ enemies found in expeditions, changing the way encounters are conducted, and the strategies players should consider before combat,” As Amazon originally explained. A unique combination of exploration and mutation rotates weekly, with players battling through the ladder of difficulty until the “extremely difficult” top encounter.

With a select number ready for testing so far ahead of the major update, Dynasty Dockyard, Genesis Garden and Lazarus Tools rotate every 48 hours on the PTR, and “a total of eight different mutation combinations” Random loops next to those. However, it sounds like these products are just the beginning.

“We’re always looking for ways to add meaningful content and variety to the game,” Willette told us. “mutant [are] Just getting started. They challenge players to experiment with different play styles, gear, and team compositions to gain new resources and gear to power up. Expect to see more expeditions and mutants in the future. “

As if this will please fans who have been testing them out, Willette told us that feedback on Mutated Expeditions has been “very positive” so far. “We’ve received feedback on schedules, combinations of mutations, and we can mutate lower-level expeditions if the opportunity arises,” he said. Speaking of surprises, he told us he’s “not sure if I should call them surprises, but I saw a group destroy a mini boss so quickly that my jaw dropped. They have amazing coordination and are very Nice cycle of their CC.” Willett also shared that he had to see “a lot of unique build and loadout combos that I hadn’t thought of before, plus some really good expedition clearance times!” So, so far, players seem to have New features are being embraced with ease.

As for the changes the team has made in response to player-reported issues and feedback, Willette explained that the team has seen “bugs that we’ve been able to address, such as certain named enemies being harder with certain mutation combinations, as well as unlocking new Negative Score Difficulty”. The background behind this is that players “can get negative scores by using too many respawns or team clears”, and reaching higher scores will give you a better overall score to unlock the next difficulty level.

If you want to learn more about Expedition Mutators, you can get Amazon’s PTR post via the link in the copy above, or you can listen to the new developer update clip above to see the new feature in action.

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