New World January Update Brings Endgame Mutations, Faster Upgrades: Full Patch Notes

New World January Update Brings Endgame Mutations, Faster Upgrades: Full Patch Notes

New World January Update Brings Endgame Mutations, Faster Upgrades: Full Patch Notes

New World’s latest update brings some big changes to the end of Amazon’s MMORPG, most notably Expedition Mutants.

Using Mutant Crusade Orbs, which can be crafted or purchased from faction vendors, players can try out more challenging versions of the Crusade with different modifiers each week and earn additional powerful rewards. Players will be rated based on their performance, taking kills, obliterations and completion times into account. Higher scores mean higher difficulty and better rewards.

Going hand in hand with the Expedition Mutators is the new Umbral Shard upgrade system. By earning Shadow Shards from Mutant Crusades, players can increase their gear’s maximum gear score to 625. Players can also obtain Shadow Shards by opening Plaster Castings or crafting items with 600 Gear Score, as long as the player has reached the corresponding item slot of 600.

But while endgame is the focus of the latest New World update, there are a number of smaller changes that should go a long way toward improving the game. The cost of creating tuning orbs for expeditions has been reduced across the board, and players can now also buy orbs for certain expeditions once a day (or in some cases weekly in some cases) directly from faction vendors.

This is great news for players still struggling to reach the top level, with players leveling up 20% faster from levels 23-45. Amazon said the mid-game upgrade “took some time and didn’t match the pacing of the content.” The cost of fast travel is being drastically reduced, and new fast travel shrines have also been added to make traveling to various expeditions easier. Ownership of one (or more) homes is also changing, with minimum and maximum tax rates falling on homes.

You can find the full patch notes below. As for what’s next for New World, Amazon recently announced that while the game will receive an update in February, it will be working on bug fixes and won’t include any new content. Amazon recently started the process of merging various sparsely populated servers together, and it will continue to do so as necessary to ensure a healthy player experience.

New World January Update Patch Notes

Expedition Modifier: Mutator

We’re introducing a new endgame feature: Expedition Mutants! Mutants alter familiar enemies by adding “common” and “named” enemies found in expeditions, changing the way encounters are conducted and the strategies players should consider before combat. As the battle changes, so do the rewards! New custom gear and resources can be found, offering additional ways to improve your strength levels.

The system is designed to be rotated weekly with unique combinations of expeditions and mutations, each with 10 difficulty levels. Players will be challenged to climb the ladder, eventually reaching the maximum difficulty.

Note that the “Recommended Gear Score” rating for Mutation Expeditions is important, as it directly affects enemy scaling and thus your chances of success. PLEASE NOTE: This combat scale is individual per player and separate from the health and damage added to the base difficulty.

Enter the Mutation Expedition

  • Players will need a Codex to start the mutated version of the expedition. After completing an expedition on regular difficulty, players will receive a one-time reward for that expedition’s Codex and Mutant Expedition Adjustment Orbs.
    • notes:
    • Players invited to join a team that already owns the Codex and Orb will be rewarded with both items upon completion.
      • Mutant Crusade modifier balls will not be rewarded in bonus games on Regular difficulty Crusades.
  • Upon approaching and interacting with the expedition menu, players will be able to see available mutant types, mutant levels, gear scores for recommended upgrades, and finally eligibility for entry.
    • Variation balls are universal. Players can craft 1 per week, and additional orbs can be purchased in the faction shop.
  • score and progress
    • Scores are performance-based and taken from a combination of multiple categories. Scores are also shared values ​​for group members.
    • The following categories count towards the group’s total score:
      • Time: The better the time, the higher the score. Calculated at the end of the run.
      • AI Kills: The target value for killing a predetermined number of enemies in an expedition.
      • Takedowns: The target value for killing “specified enemies” in expeditions.
      • Team wipes: In boss fights, each team wipe will significantly reduce the score.
      • Respawn: Each respawn will reduce the score moderately.
    • There are also bonus multipliers for running efficiency, minimum respawn/wipe, speed, and knocking down all targets. These are calculated at the end of the Expedition run. The grades are Bronze, Silver and Gold.
    • Progressing through each Mutator difficulty level requires reaching a pre-specified proficiency within the highest level attained. A higher score means entering a higher difficulty, which in turn leads to a bigger reward.
  • Mutation effect
    • element
      • Elemental Mutation infuses enemies on a Crusade with a specific elemental damage type, increasing their resistance to that damage type, converting most of their damage to that type, and granting them powerful elemental-based abilities.
      • Hellfire: Hellfire infuses enemies with fire, allowing them to burn players who oppose them.
      • Eternity: Eternity infuses enemies with Void, granting them the ability to debuff players or enhance their Void-infused allies.
    • Promotions
      • Ascension mutations grant powerful new abilities to creatures in the expedition.
      • Barbarian: The barbarian AI applies healing reduction and casts damaging beams around itself.
      • Indomitable: The indomitable creature takes damage over time through its lifesteal ability, and can summon a phalanx that blocks all incoming player projectiles.
    • curse
      • Cursed Mutations exert dangerous effects on players, forcing them to work together to overcome the power of the curse. On the highest difficulty, the curse becomes powerful, creating an additional tactical challenge.
      • Dry: Players who are dry will occasionally burn elemental energy. When the curse is activated, the player needs to cleanse himself by approaching the burning player.
      • Censorship: Censored players will find their abilities work against them. After players in the party use a certain number of active skills, explosive silence zones appear on all players. When the curse is intensified, players will lose their natural mana regeneration and must enter the silent zone to restore their mana.


Shadow upgrade system

  • Players can upgrade individual gear from GS 590 to GS 625 by spending Umbral Shards. Please note that we have reduced this requirement from GS 600 to GS 590 based on PTR feedback and a desire to require Legendary items to participate in the Shadow system.
  • The ability to upgrade any type of item is unlocked when a player reaches 600 feats for that item type.
  • Players can obtain Shadow Shards in three ways:
    • Expedition Mutants are the most efficient way to obtain shards. The higher the difficulty level and the higher the score level achieved, the more shards the player will get.
    • Open the plaster cast once the feat of that type reaches at least 600 feats.
    • Craft a 600 GS item once the type of feat reaches at least 600 feat.
  • Upgrading any item via Umbral Shards will bind the item to the player.

Professional system update

  • Players increase their Expertise from 590 to 600 via current methods; plaster casts and random open world bumps.
  • Expertise increased from 600 to 625 with the Shadow system.
  • Professional Gear Zoom
    • Any item purchased from a trading post or acquired through P2P after the January patch will have its effective gear score scaled down to the midpoint of the player’s feat and the item’s gear score, if their feat is lower than the item’s gear score.

General enhancements and QOL improvements

  • Whenever you craft a GS 600 item, it will trigger a feat boost if your feat for that item type falls below 600. This would be another great way for Artisans to increase their Expertise to 600 (in addition to the Emerald Plaster already released from the trade skill Aptitude Reward container).
  • If you get a feat boost from a random drop in the open world, the loot recorder will now show which item gave you the feat boost.
  • If you get a feat boost by opening the bonus cache, the opening order will highlight which item gave you the boost.
  • You can now craft a Topaz Gypsum Concoction Potion at any Arcana Station and at any T5 Camp.
  • Increased chance of getting Topaz Plaster when killing enemies and tuning.
  • We fixed an issue where Plaster Casting only gave a +1 bonus when the item’s gear score was over 585. Now, plaster upgrade from 585 to 600 should be at least +2 unless expertise is 599.
  • To give players more freedom to use Gypsum when obtaining Gypsum, we have removed the crafting cooldown for Gypsum Balls.

world experience

Adventure change

  • With the release of Expedition Mutators, we’ve made some balance changes and updates to existing content.
  • We’ve made expeditions more engaging by updating rewards and drop rates to align with other end-game events:
    • The drop rate for “Named Enemies” in Expeditions has been significantly increased.
    • T5 gear has been added to Dynasty Shipyard’s loot table when playing in Mutant Crusade.
  • We adjusted the number of certain enemies:
    • Lazarus Tool: Reduced the number of enemies when Ostium sealed the Ancient Azos Portal.
  • Expedition Tuning Ball
    • Expedition Tuning Orbs for Amrine Excavation, Starstone Barrows, The Depths, and Dynasty Shipyard can be purchased from the Faction Shop once a day. Expedition Tuning Balls for Genesis Garden and Lazarus Instruments can be purchased once a week.
    • To increase the chances of crafting an Expedition Tuning Ball, we’ve made the following materials tradable, which were previously bound to the player:
      • withered seeds
      • Corrupted lodestones, crystals, shards, shards and shards
      • chisel
  • We have significantly reduced the crafting cost of Expedition Keys. Global key process changes:
    • Reduced cost of Starmetal Chisel Coins from 200 to 150.
    • Orichalcum Chisel Coin price reduced from 400 to 200.
    • Reduced the price of Asmodeum Chisel coins from 500 to 250.
    • Eternal Heart: Reduces the crafting cost of all Elemental Motes. Now the cost per particle has been reduced from 30 to 10.
    • Heart of the Elements: Reduced the crafting cost of all Elemental Particles. Now the cost per particle has been reduced from 30 to 10.
    • Immortal Heart: Reduced the crafting cost of all Elemental Essences. Now the cost of each essence has been reduced from 6 to 2.
    • Orb of Dynasty Adjustment: Reduced the number of Corrupt Crystals required to craft. Cost is now reduced from 2 to 1.
    • Dynasty Adjustment Orb: Reduced the amount required to craft Obsidian Voidstone. Now the price has been reduced from 10 to 8.
    • Lazarus Tuning Ball: Reduced the number of Corrupted Lodestones required to craft. Cost is now reduced from 3 to 1.
    • Genesis Tuning Orb: Reduced the number of Corruption Lodestones required to craft. Cost is now reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Variation adjustment balls changed from PTR:
    • Reduce the number of Runestones required for crafting. Cost now reduced from 10 to 5.
    • Reduced the amount of Powerful Gem Powder required for crafting. Cost now reduced from 10 to 5.
    • Reduced the number of chisels needed from 2 to 1.

fast travel costs

  • We’ve heard that you’re unhappy with the cost of fast travel, this release includes an update that significantly reduces the distance factor in the number of Azoths required per trip. As a result, faction control point bonuses associated with fast travel now reduce the distance factor to zero.
  • The new fast travel shrine has…

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