New World PTR brings weapon swaps and Outpost Rush changes

New World PTR brings weapon swaps and Outpost Rush changes


New World developer Amazon Games today launched a brand new PTR (Public Beta Realm), giving players early access to some of the MMORPG’s new features and changes. While the scope of the new content is quite extensive, there will be some changes to the game’s 20v20 Sentinel dash mode, as well as some combat features, including weapon swaps.

First, there are some changes to Outpost Rush’s scoring and test rewards. “The scoring mechanism for contributions has been reworked,” the developers explained in the patch notes, with three key updates: Dealing damage now increases player scores, and killing enemy players and AI enemies has decreased score.

As for rewards for players sneaking in, you’ll find that completing a match now rewards faction tokens. The Outpost Rush cache now grants two pieces of armor specific to that mod, as well as a mod-exclusive weapon. “Also, there’s a 15% chance of getting a fourth item, which could be an Outpost Rush-specific jewel,” the developer added, while the likelihood of earning rewards from the mode resulted in a “significant increase” in Pro Ratings “.

“Outpost Rush gear now scrolls from a list of fixed perks better suited for PvP combat,” the note explains. “This means traits like ‘Beast Guard’ will no longer appear on Outpost Rush gear.” In particular the trait has been removed from Mystery of Illusions and replaced by Subtlety – a change that does not have retroactive power and will apply to the new Illusion Mysteries granted after the patch.

Our February public beta area opens tomorrow at 10am PT [1 PM ET/6 PM CET] We’d love to hear your feedback on our latest improvements to:

๐ŸฅŠ PvP
๐Ÿ Outpost Dash
โ›๏ธ Production

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– New World (@playnewworld) February 2, 2022

As for player combat, the new PTR introduces changes to weapon swaps, which can now be deployed while reacting, dodging, traversing, and using consumables โ€” and most importantly, actions don’t interrupt these. However, to “prevent instant weapon spam”, the exchange has a 1 second cooldown.

You can also queue weapon swaps and attack moves at the same time. For example, “If you press weapon swap during attack recovery, then immediately press the skill key, the weapon will cancel the frame swap on the first swap, and then immediately perform the desired ability,” as the developers explain. “While there is still a buffer and cancel window for motion, this change will make the combination of weapon swapping and ability activation easier and more reliable to use.”

Elsewhere, dodge recovery time has been reduced, which should make leaving dodge-in navigation “feel smoother”. Likewise, the developers have gotten rid of the “fully committed landing reaction animation” of jumping off objects at lower heights to help you keep moving more easily.

Also, if you want to keep up with everything on this round of PTR, there are many other changes to test, head over to the patch notes.

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