New World Roadmap details every planned update for 2022

New World Roadmap details every planned update for 2022


The New World Roadmap for 2022 has arrived, providing a broad overview of what we can expect from Amazon’s MMORPG for the rest of the year. Now is the time, too, as player counts have dwindled to a fraction of their initial heights following the game’s record-breaking Steam release.

Much of the “spring” part of the roadmap has to do with the March update, which is already available for testing on the PTR. In case you didn’t look closely, the March update added the Tempest’s Heart expedition, ending the original main storyline and adding a new large shotgun weapon type. The early game has also been smoother, with improved storytelling and mission objectives in the main quest, and additional options for players who want to watch the story content entirely in isolation.

Throughout the year, the developers promised “new mutations, quests, encounters, continuous improvements, balance tweaks, and bug fixes.” Spring will also bring us a 3v3 PvP Arena and a new PvP bonus track. In the summer we’ll see a new expedition called Barnacles and Black Powder, a group finder for expeditions, and a new summer event.

Fall will bring the Brimstone Sands territory, which director Scot Lane describes as “a huge desert territory with a whole bunch of different AIs you’ve never seen in the game. We’re introducing a new culture. It comes with Ennead , its own expedition. This is the endgame – will be one of the toughest expeditions in the game. It’s not for the faint of heart.” The fall update will also include leaderboards for PvP and PvE events.

The developers have hinted that other updates beyond what’s listed in the roadmap could also arrive, depending on player requests.

You can hear a more detailed breakdown of some of the Spring Updates in the development video above.

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