New World Server Transmission has been temporarily disabled

New World Server Transmission has been temporarily disabled

A bug discovered recently in Amazon Games’ new MMORPG New World caused developers to temporarily disable World Transfer. The studio stated that the “recently discovered issues” have been “intensified” by the transfer feature, and the feature will be re-enabled once the fix is ​​deployed.

Luxendra, the New World Community Manager, posted a short message on the New World Forum to remind New World players to note that due to this error, World Transfer has been temporarily disabled. “This will only affect players with existing server transfer tokens,” Luxendra wrote. “Once we re-enable the feature, we will provide an update.”

Luxendra didn’t provide any details about the failure problem, it’s just that the world shift function somehow made the situation worse. New World carried out a large-scale server consolidation from December 20th to 21st, merging players from many worlds with fewer players. You can view the updated server list, including the new real-time server and the servers merged into it, in our convenient New World Server Merger Guide.

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