Nvidia says Nvidia GPU drivers outperform AMD and Intel

Nvidia says Nvidia GPU drivers outperform AMD and Intel

Team Green is so proud of its Nvidia GPU drivers that it recently released a video detailing how successful the Game Ready program has been. Since its launch in 2014, Nvidia has released 150 drivers supporting over 400 different games. It’s so confident in its own process that senior product manager Sean Pelletier has the audacity to push AMD (and possibly Intel) to the top.

Specifically, Pelletier touts the quality of Nvidia GPU drivers compared to the competition. With thousands of different gaming PC and gaming laptop setups running Nvidia hardware, the company says it tests more than 4,500 configurations 1,000 times a day to ship drivers in a timely manner. If that doesn’t sound impressive enough, he also stressed that this equates to 1.8 million hours for the whole of 2021, or more than 214 years of testing.

Pelletier blasted AMD’s preference for releasing beta drivers before Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certification, saying “Nvidia doesn’t release beta Game Ready drivers,” likening the process to the quality of early access games versus the quality of early access games. Comparison of the final version.

Pelletier highlighted the shadows in an accompanying blog post, saying “Because the Game Ready Driver Program and our commitment to quality depend on all of this work, we won’t release sub-par test drivers, let alone multiple times. Tested. Conflicting beta drivers from different development branches supporting different games and products are confusing customers.”

It’s still early days for Intel, as we won’t know the quality of drivers or the speed at which they will be released until Arc Alchemist is in full swing. At the very least, its GeForce Experience and AMD Radeon software (Adrenaline) rivals look promising, as Arc Control doesn’t require users to log into an account.

AMD, on the other hand, may not be as quick to produce drivers and stagger release builds as Nvidia, but Videocardz points out that it offers desktop, mobile, and integrated GPU support in one convenient package, not as confusing as Nvidia can be split.

One thing’s for sure: the graphics card space is heating up, and Nvidia won’t stay on top forever. Day-one driver support offers an advantage, but AMD FSR 2.0 is challenging Nvidia’s DLSS graphics upgrade, and Intel XeSS will follow — both will have open source versions. More competition means more innovation, and no matter which camp you are in, we gamers will be the winners.

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