Outfits Among Us: How to Unlock Seasonal Skins and Outfits

Outfits Among Us: How to Unlock Seasonal Skins and Outfits


Wondering how to unlock costumes and skins among us? We offer a fantastic collection of free hats and accessories to adorn your little space bean as they gallop down the corridors of your Among Us map of your choice – whether on the way to a horrific death, or in Find the unfortunate victim.

Interacting with a laptop in the Among Us lobby allows you to change your character’s color, skin, and hat. Players can’t share duplicate colors for obvious reasons, but you’re free to choose any combination of hats and skins you like.

If you’re relatively new to social reasoning games, and you’ve noticed that some of your spaceflight buddies are using Among Us skins that you don’t have access to, you may be missing some of the Among Us seasonal outfits, i.e., Among Us Christmas and Halloween hats. Likewise, if you play the game on a new PC, your Among Us unlock will not persist. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until the holidays are back to get your hands on these hats – here’s how to unlock the seasonal Among Us outfit early.

among us halloween hat

Halloween hats are traditionally unlocked automatically by logging into Among Us a few weeks before Halloween.But if you can’t wait that long, just Open your computer’s date and time settings and change the date to October 31.

After launching Among Us, create a game and head to your laptop, where you’ll see your new Among Us Halloween hat – then you can change your PC dates months in advance and enjoy your ghosts skin.

The Halloween hats among us are:

  • cat head
  • bat ears
  • Devil’s Horn
  • Mohawk
  • pumpkin
  • paper bag
  • witch hat
  • wolf ears
  • pirate hat
  • Plague Doctor Mask
  • machete hat
  • hockey mask

Santa hat among us

Nothing says “sus” like wearing a Santa hat in midsummer. The Santa Hats Among Us will be widely available to players in the weeks leading up to December 25th.

But if you’ve longed to wear a pair of antlers, jump around the cafeteria with a Christmas tree overhead, or now have a snowman sitting on your bonce, the good news is that you’ll be able to pass Play around with your PC’s settings to unlock them early. Just set your PC date to December 24th, fire up the game, join the lobby and you’ll see all of the Among Us Santa hats available to equip.

The Santa hats among us are:

  • snowman
  • reindeer
  • wreath hat
  • christmas hat
  • christmas tree
  • exhibit
  • candy cane hat
  • Elf Hat

We’ll let you know if we find any other free Among Us hats, or secret Among Us secrets that you can unlock. Check out our guide to the impostors and our guide to the crew among us to learn your tactics.

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