Pokemon Go is a four-day event in the new year

Pokemon Go is a four-day event in the new year

Pokemon Go is a four-day event in the new year

The new year is approaching, and Niantic plans to provide four days of Pokemon Go benefits through in-game activities to celebrate the arrival of 2022.

The event started at 10pm local time on December 31 and ended at 8pm on January 4th. The event kicked off with an in-game firework show, allowing players to appreciate the start time of all their performances one hour after the event at 10pm and lasting until midnight on January 2.

The game will provide a variety of buffs centered on hatching eggs throughout the long weekend, including those that only take half the time to hatch, while providing buffs that double the number of stardust and candies. You can use Pokecoins to buy New Year’s themed avatar items from the store, including 2022 glasses and a complete set of clothing.

Most importantly, during the entire event, multiple new costumed Pokemon from the past few years will appear in the wild, raids and research encounters, and will also hatch from 7 kilometers of eggs. The Pokémon available during this period are as follows:

  • 2020 glasses slow
  • 2021 glasses Slowbro
  • 2022 Glasses Slowking
  • New year hat tweet
  • New Year Hat Pikachu
  • Party hat Geng Gui
  • Party hat Wobbuffet

This will be the first Pokemon Go event to be held specifically for 2022, and it will follow the winter vacation event starting on December 16th and lasting until December 31st. The event includes other dressed-up Pokemons, special appearances by Galarian Darukama (and others), and a new postcard feature that allows you to save PokeStop pictures as postcards in your photo album. receive commissions from retail offers.

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