Pokemon Go Mega Charizard Y Raid Guide: Tips for Best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Times and More

Pokemon Go Mega Charizard Y Raid Guide: Tips for Best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Times and More

Pokemon Go Mega Charizard Y Raid Guide: Tips for Best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Times and More


A new Pokemon Go big raid is coming, and this time trainers will face flying flamethrowers.

Mega Charizard Y — one of two scaled-up versions of one of the most popular Pokemon in franchise history — has been named the latest Pokemon Go mega-raid, which runs from March 22 to March 26. Mega Charizard Y’s time as a star Super Raid runs concurrently with the Lush Jungle weekly event and the premier season of Alora. Mega Charizard Y is the latest Mega Raid to challenge the trainer, the last time Mega Lopunny drove the trainer crazy. We’re not sure when the Mega Charizard Y will return to the raid track, so if you’re going to challenge it, check out the tips below.

Mega Charizard Y (top right) is Pokemon Go’s next big raid.

What is a “Super” Pokémon?

Before we get started, let’s answer a simple question: what makes a “super” Pokemon different from a regular Pokemon? First introduced in 2013’s Pokemon X and Y, Mega Evolutions are temporary power-ups that designate Pokemons to use, allowing Pokemons to take on more powerful forms as long as players collect the correct corresponding items during their adventures.

In Pokemon Go, a Pokemon with a Mega form can access it by consuming that Pokemon-specific Mega Energy, which is earned through activities such as researching quests and catching other Pokemon. The first transformation to Mega form will cost 200 Mega Energy, and future transformations will cost 40.

Super Pokemon not only increases stats, but also provides a damage boost to other Pokemon participating in the raid. The conversion only lasts eight hours, though, so make sure you’ll get the most out of the time given.

Super Charizard Y Raid Schedule

Mega Charizard Y will enter the Mega Raid ring from March 22nd at 10am local time and stay until March 26th at 8pm. Unfortunately, the game’s raids don’t follow any set schedule – a Mega Raid is one of six levels, and the countdown starts – but the game keeps telling you who’s raiding nearby, so please pay attention to. Specifically, giant raids are represented by a special red egg.

Weaknesses and Countermeasures of Super Charizard Y

Super Charizard Y retains the type in its normal form, so you’ll need a set of Pokemon that can handle both fire and flying types. This combination leaves Mega Charizard Y with only three weak points across all Pokemon types, limiting your options when it comes to fiery flyers.

Rock-type moves are by far the most effective, dealing massive damage to Super Charizard Y due to both Fire and Fly being weaker to Rock. Rhyperior, Rampardos, Tyranitar, and Aerodactyl all deal massive damage to this giant monster in raids. Electric and water type attacks will also succeed, as fire is weaker than water and flight is weaker than electricity. Kanto’s starting Blastoise would be a good choice, as would Omastar, Zekron or Electivire.

types to avoid

Mega Charizard Y has a lot of resistance due to its dual types, which means that many types should not be considered when preparing this Pokémon. Insect and grass attacks are practically useless, as the Mega Charizard Y has dual resistance to both with its fire/fly combo. Fire, Fairy, Fighting, Ground, and Steel will also take less damage in this raid, meaning mainstays like Lucario can back off this time around.

Once you’ve captured the dragon-like Super Pokemon for yourself, add it to your team when you take part in the five-star raid on Tapu Lele at the Lush Jungle event. receive a commission from retail offers.

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