Quake gets new accessibility options after 26 years

Quake gets new accessibility options after 26 years


A new update to the venerable FPS game Quake adds some welcome new accessibility features to the user interface, 26 years after the original version for MS-DOS. When you launch the Steam version of Quake after applying today’s patch, you’ll notice the main menu appears in bright white, sans-serif font – and there are other new options available.

The latest Quake patch adds additional accessibility options to Quake’s main menu. When you run the game for the first time after applying the patch, this will be the first screen that pops up, giving you the opportunity to choose which new features to enable. You’ll find new options for high-contrast menus, alternate menu fonts, and text-to-speech and speech-to-text options for chat.

For players with auditory or visual processing difficulties, these options can make grandfathering deathmatch easier. In-game messages can be highlighted in crisp white font on a black background block, making it easier to see text such as “You have 5 shells” or “You found a secret area.”

Of course, this is a remake of Quake that came out last year. Published by Bethesda, the remake is handled by Nightdive Studios, which also handles modern ports of FPS classics like Blood and Doom 64.

Notably, the new option is enabled by default. You can disable them the first time you open a newly patched game, or by opening the Accessibility menu under Options.

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