Rethinking the work week in post-pandemic game development

Rethinking the work week in post-pandemic game development

The first-ever WASD has come and gone, but thankfully the thoughtful discussions that took place on the stage at London’s Tobacco Docks have all been preserved and archived. We’ll be posting the show’s panel discussions on the PCGamesN YouTube channel, so anyone who can’t attend in person can fully enjoy these conversations from the comfort of their own home. Talked Saturday with Bulkhead Games CEO Joe Brammer and BetaJester co-founder Adam Boyne about the shift to more flexible work schedules in the post-pandemic game development era.

Brammer and Boyne spoke with PCGamesN editor Richard Scott-Jones about the challenges their respective companies face as the pandemic necessitates a sudden shift to long-term work-from-home arrangements.

While most or all development work can be done remotely with off-the-shelf technology solutions like Discord, Zoom, and Google, when teams stop sharing physical spaces, they do face new challenges. The group discussed some of these issues and how their company has learned to address them over the past two years.

Here is the talk:

Brammer also discussed Bulkhead’s transition to a four-day work week for its 100-employee studio.

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