Saints Row customization will be more outrageous than ever

Saints Row customization will be more outrageous than ever


Designing your character and tricking your car are beloved features of the frenzied open-world games of the Saints Row franchise, and this year’s Saints Row reboot will continue in that style. In fact, developer Volition has revealed that the new Saints Row game has more customization options than ever before, giving you a powerful character editor, a ton of vehicle parts, and a refurbished kit for your crew headquarters.

In a new video, Volition showcases snippets of each custom system in Saints Row. The first is the character creator. While past games offered plenty of options for shaping your bosses, the amount of options, sliders, and gear available in the new Saints is an impressive leap forward.

Body size and shape, facial features, tattoos and piercings are just the beginning – Saints Row also allows players to customize the character’s skin tone, choosing from a wide range of natural tones or, if you want a more sci-fi look, opt for an intense shader. You can run around the Santo Ileso in a chrome or woodgrain look if you like. You can even pick out your character’s socks and underwear (or lack thereof).

You can also customize the sides of the character’s face independently if you want some asymmetrical detail, makeup or features. Customizers also offer options for arm and leg prosthetics, which come in a variety of colors and designs.

Layered clothing also returned at this year’s Saints Row. You’ll be able to visit various brick-and-mortar stores scattered across the map to find new duds, including a pair of cowboy boots with toes that curl almost to your character’s kneecap.

Of course, there’s also a fully functional customs shop called Jim-Rob’s when you want to outfit your vehicle with some eye-catching new talent or lethal weapons. The garage at Saints Row offers a paint job, an exhaust kit and a huge metal wrecking ball pulled from the rear bumper.

Additionally, characters can unlock special driving perks to complement their paths: the ejection seat is great if you want to be able to take off in a wingsuit, and there are unlimited boost perks that will keep you from ever running out in nitrite.

Of course, you can also customize your full set of weapons and redecorate your headquarters – there’s a social space in the main building and a secret “war room” upstairs for racket planning.

If all this sounds overwhelming, each custom category also has presets that can be rolled out at any time, or can be used as a starting point for your own creative decisions.

Saints Row’s release date is set for August 23.

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