Sea of ​​Thieves season 6 has pirate saga waiting

Sea of ​​Thieves season 6 has pirate saga waiting


Sea of ​​Thieves season 6 officially launches this week, and while much of the content will be available on day one, the game’s most experienced players will have to wait a bit for some of the season’s biggest features. one. Pirate Saga’s new voyage won’t start until the “second half” of the season.

The release date for Season 6 of Sea of ​​Thieves is set for March 10. That day, we’ll be spreading out six sea fortresses across the map, which will offer mini-raids similar to the existing fortress types, but a little easier to complete and available on demand. A new trailer also shows a group of players using a conquered sea fort as a base, so it’s not just about loot.

We’ve also launched a new Voyage for Pirate Saga, which we now know won’t be out until the second half of the season, probably around the week of April 24th. This type of voyage will change, providing new challenges each time you play, and the content will also provide more knowledge about the ancient history of Sea of ​​Thieves.

The game’s most dedicated players have been asking for more focused, high-end content since its release, so having to wait an extra half-season for more content could be very disappointing.

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