Setting off fireworks in FFXIV PvP will result in a player ban

Setting off fireworks in FFXIV PvP will result in a player ban


Final Fantasy XIV PvP is finally heating up thanks to the popularity of Crystalline Conflict, but the developers want you to know that you can still be banned for “uncooperative” or “drowsy” behavior. That means don’t spam “good job” when your team is losing, and don’t set off fireworks on your opponents. In other words, Yoshi-P said “don’t be a jerk”.

“Participants must give their all, so uncooperative or lethargic behavior is prohibited,” director and producer Naoki Yoshida said in a new blog post. “Even when we’re about to fail, we try to be our best, whether you’re interested in rewards or not.”

The new post outlines the “main types of prohibited behavior” which include “repeated use of the quick chat phrase ‘good job!’ etc. in adverse situations”, “use and repetition of an emote on a downed opponent” and “setting fireworks on fallen opponents”, in addition to text chat or direct harassment on social media, etc.

Violations can result in offenders being suspended for up to 20 days, or permanently banned in “particularly heinous” cases. It’s all pretty standard stuff, but it seems like we’re still at a point where online gamers need the occasional reminder of the definition of “being an asshole.” At least the developers of FFXIV are very polite about it.

However, the post doesn’t address cheating in any way, even though players have noticed some prolific cheating in PvP. This isn’t a new problem for MMOs, but the popularity of Crystalline Conflict makes it even more apparent.

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